Monday, January 3, 2011

January 3, 2011 - Email

And for the news you've been waiting for... My emotions sky rocketed and like 'what goes up, must come down,' shot right back down too haha. We got a phone call last night, 'Elder McGinn... you need to be in Guayaquil tomorrow at 9am.' ALRIGHT I'm changing! '... And bring 2 changes of clothes, you will be back in your sector Wednesday.' Nuts.

Elder Añorga is off, but his new companion is Elder Bushnell! Haha, and what will Griffin be doing these 2 days in Guayaquil. I'm really nervous, but excited for the opportunity that awaits - I am receiving training. I am going to be training a new missionary! My first change and I am a trainer. I'm overwhelmed and feeling inadequate, but filled with the love of the Lord for his trust in my with one of his entrusted servants. My companion for the next few days is Elder Van Wagoner from my MTC group! He is the Elder that reminds me of Justin Nickle and we just laugh our heads off the whole time.

I'm really excited to see how the next few days go and please pray for me! I have a whole rush of emotion right now and really just feel such a love and confidence that the Lord has for me. I love what President Gamboa wrote me, it's not a matter of skill... it is a matter of Worthiness, Diligence, and Obedience. What a ride for Elder McGinn! I'll meet my companion tomorrow. It was fun to meet up with old guys from the MTC Group, what changes have come about and what joy to see that my brethren are still my brethren in the Lord.

As for this week, we had 3 baptisms! Children of 9, 11, and 11 years old from the same family. Two siblings and a cousin were baptized and they really are great. They are related to Hno Xavier, who took out his earing, and he is a sad tale. Their whole family is real rough. A few Jehovah's Witnesses, a few Catholics, a lot of alcohol and bad influence. Xavier was progressing really well but pulled us aside and told us that even more trouble has come about in the home ever since he started listening to us. He backed out, which was real hard, but his relatives that we baptized really are great. Their father is a Taxi Man, he came to the baptism and when he picked them up from Church yesterday asked us 'When is my baptism?'

We've been blessed with a few people that have member connections (a few girlfriends, boyfriends, or neighbors) that little by little have start to open up to the gospel and we can really bloom with converts this next change! The Lord truly works in mysterious ways, but I trust Him in every moment!

To finish up I'd like to share with you something that truly touched my heart. We made goals with the family of our Mamita in a FHE for the year 2011. I read a goal of an 11 year old girl that said 'Be an Eternal Family,' and that thought hit me deeply. The family can be eternal, but let's make it a goal to BE that eternal family here and now! We really can be together forever, and we should be, but we do that here and now in our time on earth. I hope you can understand what I'm trying to get across, I get all excited and type my brains out haha, but don't hope to be an eternal family, BE that eternal family NOW so that when the time comes, you fit right into the heavens perfectly and comfortably.

Take the advice from President Eyring to keep the Holy Ghost with you. 1-NEVER miss the Sacrament, repent. 2-Truly Pray, don't simply 'order.' and 3-don't read or study the scriptures. PONDER them daily.

I love you all. I KNOW the church is true and would not change this opportunity for the world. The Lord works in strange ways, but his ways are always just and always perfect. This next change will be a matter of trusting what the Lord has called me to be. Pray for me, pray for my companion, but most of all, Thank the Lord for every moment of your life. He loves you all, He wants the best and He knows the best. Take a moment of your prayers to simply listen, see if He'll start the conversation first! I know He will, I know He loves you. He sent His Son to show the way that you can really be happy every single day of your life. Be an Eternal Family now.

Les amo mucho, y todavía estoy limbering como un gato del arbol! (I love you and I'm still limbering the tree like a cat!)

Elder McGinn

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