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Email - February 28, 2010

And then there was one... So what an adventure this week has been. It really has been an adventure. One day we took off on a bus for 1 hour, divided with the members and the 4 elders in our house, and about conquered the whole village! It has been fun having 4 elders in the house instead of being me and my trainer or my little one haha.

Each day is different, but I'm learning a lot about myself and a lot about the Savior. I was touched in thinking that the best way to become like the Savior is simply keep your Baptismal Convenants. You live your week with Him in mind, you really try to live like Him, and you keep His commandments. As you fall, you repent, you see how He would've handled the situation better, and bit by bit you truly come to be the Child of God you are.

I want to tell you of a few experiences this week, the few times I really felt the spirit and was sure of it. One is in True Missionary Work. My companion walks really fast and we pass so many people daily. We passed two men sweating and shoveling dirt, I stopped and we returned to give them a hand. They said 'no, but he'd like some help in trying to get the missionaries away haha. So we turned to a man and his sister sitting in the shade and simply opened up a conversation. I've never seen them before, never seen them since, but the impact we had on their lives forever changed me and it came from following a simple whisper. We sat down and in simply conversation came to find that they recently lost a brother and their mother. They had many questions as to why we are here and what is happening with their relatives. They had never thought that we lived in heaven before coming here. It was the perfect situation that any missionary could ask for and I felt a burning spirit of hope as we left them a little pamphlet to read of the Plan of Salvation. What touched me most of all was when this man, Hugo, ASKED US as we finished up... 'wait, so what is my purpose here? I really want to know!' We haven't seen them since, but we brought hope into a few lives that day, we lifted the faith, we followed the spirit. Better Said.. we were missionaries that afternoon.

Know that I am so happy here in the field, that it has been such an adventure that I would never trade for anything! Christ lives, the marks in his hands, feet, and side are deep, they are real, what they contain is more than we can ever imagine. He is your Savior and He loves you.

Elder McGinn

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