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Email & Pictures - April 11, 2011

This week was awesome! It's fun being District Leader and really seeing the progress and having a little more motive to push the work forward little by little. I had my first interchanges, one with our Zone Leaders and another in my District. That was crazy, we are learning... how to really be missionaries and not simply robots. It is so simply what we've been taught. Sometimes as missionaries (and as members) we go through the motions and pass over the inspiration, revelation, and true growth that can be made.

One visit was with a former investigator that I don't know. We went to visit her and by simply listening to her, listening to the Spirit, and acting upon it, she came to tell us with tears and smiles of memories of her mother that passed away years ago. How it has affected her, the family, and what she truly looks for in life. We were able to put a baptismal date and a schedule to go back and visit her. By simply loving and listening, you really change lives.

But anyway, I got a hint of Life Eternal this week. We sat down with a man whose wife is a member, his little son too (from the story last week with swimming). He has been praying and reading the Book of Mormon about his Baptismal Date and surprised us with our visit after church. In talking he, lovingly, denied the baptismal date we put AND PUT HIS OWN! He has seen the changes in his son, in his wife, and has thought a lot about really being a part of all that. He changed his date for May 30th, the birthday of his son. His wife was in tears, we were too haha, and you could really feel that families HAVE GOT TO BE eternal!

It has been a joy to see so many families that are already members preparing to get sealed after hearing Conference. Life, the mission, the church, whatever, it's not about baptisms, it's about being eternal. We have been blessed in this sector with not only investigators, but with families and I sure hope that after some baptisms I can join in some sealings before I head home! Our week was full of visits, the work is flying over here. For THIS Change we should help a few find the waters of baptism and the joy of living the Gospel.

I have been amazed in my reading of the war chapters in Alma and how the Nephites totally ruin themselves for simply having... contention. There's a funny, yet true scripture in Alma 50 that says 'they would've had peace if it hadn’t been for a little contention about land.' This contention starts a war, this war is nasty, this hurts the church and gives way for the Lamanites to damage big time. Let's live what P Boyd K Packer taught us, 'John... forget about it.'

I hope you enjoy this week as I will and enjoy this last story. Love, Seek the Spirit, Follow your impressions. Elder Barcia and I are getting better, but we had a real rough day one afternoon. In the house for lunch he went upset into another room and I paced the house wondering what I could do. The strongest impression came to simply talk to him. I couldn't have done it in the situation I was in. I kneeled to pray in the kitchen floor for the right words and went in to talk. We talked about an hour and ended better friends than before. The work goes on. The important thing is not what you say, it is how you listen. People really don't need your sermon, they simply need ears that will hear!

I love the work, I love the Lord, I love you all and have a great week!

Elder McGinn

Ah yeah, sorry real quick. For my birthday we simply had a little dinner with cake. Jeff can tell you the rotten tradition. They took the knife out of my hand so no one would be punctured as I went to bite the cake. Why? Cause as you bite the cake they smack your face into it big time! I survived, but they painted me for a picture haha. I did avoid the belt slaps... they pull the Gpa Mangum down here. Haha
Love you!

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