Friday, September 9, 2011

Email - September 5, 2011

We asked for a referral the other day and got one, then I busted up laughing after and felt like an idiot cause no one else did... his name is Marco Polo. I guess Latinos don't play Marco Polo when they go swimming and I'm glad he's not in our sector, it would be difficult teaching Marco Polo, hard to find him too ;).

Anywho... I thank you for the package you sent! I opened it just barely and it is AWESOME, Mother, there is nothing wrong with sending simply sugar, Elder Franco and I are very happy. We already had a battle with Batman and Joker and I am savoring the best (cake frosting) for last. Haha and thank you for your note from Sasquatch, Mase and your awesome drawing Syd, I love my family! Go Cougs and T Wolves! Looks like things are heating up again! I sure love that time of year!

I hope you enjoyed the cabin! We were going to run on the beach this morning to see the sharks, yet we realized as the alarm went off that it is 'La Veda' the time when fish ovulate and fishers don't fish. We got up 'por gusto!' For nothing! I thank you for the family you are, I sure love you all! I will try to send a small package this week, it should have a USB drive with photos from my camera, let me know if you got it and if the photos came through! This is the last week of the change, I should be off the beach soon, I hope not though! Still eating octopus and shark, but this week I got Chicken Liver and Heart too... I thanked the family... for fixing if for the first AND last time haha.

This week has been awesome, we are working like crazy, as always, as Zone Leaders to uplift the Zone, improve the mission, and inspire the missionaries. It has been a longer week with different outcomes than we had desired, but the blessings and miracles of a loving Father in Heaven are always evident. I was absolutely touched yesterday to see the progress in our recent convert Jean Carlos get to church early in shirt and tie (borrowed from a wedding he was at Saturday night) and pass the Sacrament for the first time. It was such a beauty to see how the youth in the ward took him in, gave him something to do, and have made quick friends. This is opening doors to keep working with the rest of his family. It made me think of how I loved to pass, prepare and bless the sacrament. NEVER let those moments to use your priesthood go by! They will stick with you for a life time. It was also a joy to not have to worry so much about him as he was accepted so well by the rest of the ward.

We have a Family Home Evening every Thursday in a house of one of the leaders of the ward each week, 3 weeks ago we got it started, and it was such a joy to see the less actives that are active, the investigators that are progressing, and a different spirit about the Ward Tarqui now. Many less actives came to the pulpit to bear their testimony on the love of the Savior shown in the lending hand of those in the ward, simply inviting them to the Family Night. This Gospel is too good to simply go through the motions on Sundays, it is something we breath, eat, drink and sleep!

This week we had the miracle to find 5 new families to teach. We will visit a few of them tonight, that is really what we have needed, more people. What was the trick? One, we prayed for people in our paths every day and Two (the key to the answers to prayers), we went out and spoke with all in our path! People spoke, some ran haha, but most opened up, and many were touched by a light of hope and accepted a next visit.

I'm positive I'm out of here this week, but I am working so hard to make this sector and zone better than they were when I came in! I know it's not much this week, but I know that God lives and that He loves us personally. I know He will guide us, we simply must listen. The best results come in action, working for your answers, and the Savior's cry to repent is the best tool we could ever use in this life. It is how we recognize that God is watching out for us. He sees who we can become, how we can better serve Him. Act and enjoy the blessings, let your pride govern you and you shall stumble. God loves us, He wants us to daily become like His Son. Humbly seek to improve where we fall and you'll be surprised just how much you've progressed.

I love you all, I love this Gospel, I love my Savior Jesus Christ and strive daily to be the servant He wants AND knows I can become.

Elder McGinn

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