Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Email - October 3, 2011

I LOVE CONFERENCE! That was absolutely awesome, and it's crazy to think that I have one left! I'm glad you all enjoyed it and it seems you are all happy! I was happy... why? I had awesome pictures of this crazy hill I'm on to send you, but my memory decided to quit working... it'll be next week it seems.

Well sorry, my head's a bit out of it for the heat, the internet cafe, my memory that's not working, and all we have to finish up doing today, but I'll try and get you all out an organized message today! We watched conference in the stake center in our own little English Room. There are 7 of the 14 elders in our Zone from the US, it is crazy! That never happens. I absolutely loved it, we had a few investigators there and should be having a baptism this weekend, we'll see how the interview turns out!

Thank you for your love and support, I am just having a ball with Elder Hasvold. I was intimidated at first, and still am haha, but we simply have fun. We work crazy hard, we get along really well, and the work is just flying. We are preparing for a few baptisms this month in a sector that hasn't baptized in almost 3 months. He is taking off on the 25th of October too.. so I'll have had 3 companions in this change . And Yes Dad, Pres Amaya likes to send the AP´s off to finish the mission working. I am taking advantage of every moment!

Conference was awesome, I learned a lot and was strengthened a lot. God does answer prayers when we seek the answers, they are all around us. There is no better work than what I am in right now and what you all do in your daily lives. I learned the importance of temple work, the importance of being strong and doing the things we know we should do to keep us strong in this ever changing world. I learned how to be bold, remember personal importance and the importance of working against our trials. My testimony was restrengthened on the importance and the beauty of life offered in following the Savior. He truly loves us, He knows who we are and what we can become. As we follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit we shall fulfill all of our wildest dreams AND His. I am so grateful for the family I have and what they have done to support me. I am grateful for the wonderful examples you all show of perseverance and hope, that is what life is! Being a good example and living off the ones you see around you. I am so happy in the work I am in, the trust God has for me and the love of His Son Jesus Christ.

We are working like crazy to see miracles here in 26 Febrero and the Zone Prosperina! If you wouldn't mind keeping Cesar Choez, Jorge Ana and Luis y Mirella in your prayers this week, they are in our plans and need whatever extra boost you can bring them to finally conquer their fears and accept the Savior as the Man and Brother we know Him to be. I love this Gospel, I love my chance to serve the Lord and simply strive to make the most of every moment! Keep a smile on your face, that is the best service you can do for yourself and those around you.

Sorry for the short letter and I know it is spacey haha, but I love you all and will hear from you soon! We are having a blast out here!

Elder McGinn

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