Monday, January 9, 2012

Email - January 9, 2012

I did get changed and one week early! Changes should be this coming week, they changed me on Wednesday. My comp is happy to show me things and I'm happy to listen to him haha, it'll be rough to write you a lot today. But so you can see something way cool, if you didn't know beforehand... look up the following on, under Tools you can go to the Maps. Look up Ecuador. I am in Samborondón, Guayas, Ecuador and it is HUGE. My sector, no joke, is from Provo to the outskirts of Salt Lake City. I am in a stake called Durán. Durán is the city next to our city, you cross a bridge and a huge river and you are in our city.

In our sector, so immense, just us two are there. I've been here since Wednesday, it is massive and it will be so hard to get to know my sector... why? This week I am being sent like Sputnik on Interchanges on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday to train and get this Zone up and going again. I'm stoked! I am the only American in the zone of 12 elders. My comp is from Nicaragua also and I was in the same house with him in Vinces! Elder Ramos. He is awesome, really funny and we will have a blast. I will be sending him home, he is going home in the next month or two. This sector is crazy and like the Plan of Salvation. We have from Outer Darkness (the crazy fields and jungle) to the Celestial Kingdom (where we ate in Tony Romas today). It is a tough sector, the success here mainly comes from making your zone (the other elders) really good haha, but we'll do what we can! I am happy to be here and we will have a blast.

Well a quick story to let you know I AM working haha, it was touching. We got in a taxi last week, my comp up front. Neither of us said a word for a few minutes, I was memorizing a scripture. I began to feel the need to talk to him, an annoying impression kept bothering me. Just turned out that I was passing over Moroni 9:6 about how if we don't work, we condemn ourselves and the Spirit kicked me good. I decided to open my mouth, I asked him how he was doing and a miracle happened. He opened like crazy and was considering the miracle God had granted him last week when a robber got in his car and pointed a gun to his head to kill him, yet left him alone. He was wondering why God would save him like that, why he was needed in this life and why his family continued to have problems. He had ideas to start to read the Bible as a family to thank God for all He had done for them. All of this was racing through his head and what would've happened if we hadn't opened up to talk with him. A lost moment. He was so happy to talk with us, we wrote down his info. Missionaries will visit him and he truly was one of the chosen people, prepared by God for us in that moment. I am so glad we didn't lose that moment, I am so glad the Spirit bugged me to quit doing something good (memorize scriptures) for something better (help someone in need by listening). I hope he accepts the missionaries and this gospel, that was a sweet experience that strengthened my faith that there is a God above who knows us perfectly AND those around us. He trusts us and wants us to know that, trust in ourselves, and help those in our way. This work is perfect. This work is eternal. This work is about progress and getting to know God personally. I get to know Him better each day and boy do I love it.

Have a great week and know I love you!

Elder McGinn

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