Sunday, July 1, 2012

Final Email & Pictures - June 30, 2012

 Here are a few photos: one is what I'll be doing upon being home! Haha President came to learn that I love 'Betos' and he has no clue what it is, but he surprised us with the following lettering in the sand, he is a funny man. The other is Elder Hancock and I enjoying his birthday package (Zingers!) and a cool baptism we got to go to the other Saturday, our mission leader's daughter finally got baptized! Elder Hancey and I found her, taught her a few times and we got assigned to do interchanges with Elder Hancock and the zone leaders took our sector over, they invited us to the baptism.

 I couldn't have finished any better, I have been blessed very much. And, you are right, it isn't the easiest thing to do to finish the mission that has changed you so much. So let's not talk about that. 

 This last week we finished the last of interviews with President, so we got to see the area books, the daily planners, a few exchanges with Zone Leaders, the usual 'no routine' style of life! It is fun driving with President, we learn so much from him, I have been so blessed. We went out to the beach in Bahía again, that was a blast. It has been fun with Elder Hancock also, he will be a great friend of mine, it was a short change with very little time together (3 lessons in 6 weeks) yet a great one.

 I would like to share something we learned today, I love this Gospel and I get shivers when I learn more about it. It comes from both D&C 86:11, D&C 103:8-10 and Helaman 3:35, so study the references on your own time, but it was precious learning this today, it is how my mission has been for me. Study the scriptures, they talk about being a LIGHT, being a SAVIOR, being PURE and being HOLY. The two groups go hand in hand and there is a motivating difference. As we repent and do our best to be obedient, we live pure lives, we feel the Holy Ghost in our lives and we are happy, we are a LIGHT for others, the PURITY shines. Yet as we come out of Sacrament Meeting, as we renew our covenants and come out a different person, ready to act, do things differently and reach out to others, we become a SAVIOR here on the earth for others, we become HOLY. The difference in being a LIGHT and a SAVIOR or PURE and HOLY comes in two scriptures. Philippians 4:7 and D&C 84:46-47. As we repent, are obedient, renew our covenants in the sacrament AND have the resolution to come out of the meeting different than when we entered, we will feel the Spirit, we will feel good. As we ACT upon that Spirit IN BENEFIT TOWARDS OTHERS we become little saviors and sanctify our lives for His great work. Being a light isn't enough, lights don't do anything but shine. Being pure isn't enough, it is like going to basketball practice without ever showing up to the game. Let us strive to take that light to others, Why hold it back? Let us act upon the whisperings of the Holy Ghost in benefit of others, Why keep it to myself? This Gospel is to share, that's how Christ did it; down to His very thoughts, words, actions, body and blood voluntarily spilt. THAT is what will save us (Mosíah 4:1-7).

 I love my Savior with all my heart, He has been so patient with me. His Father loves us, trusts us, wants us to be like His Son and left us the Holy Ghost to get there. This work is perfect. It is not for me and it could progress very well without me, but I couldn't have the miraculous progress I desired, yet never expected without participating in the work. This Church is true. Joseph Smith was a prophet and did see God the Father and Christ the Lord. The Book of Mormon contains all the answers to life's situations. Maintaining the Holy Ghost constantly with us will clean us from sin and lead us aright, I have felt its presence and yearn for it daily. I love you all and will see you (some) soon. 

Elder McGinn

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