Wednesday, August 25, 2010

5 Days!!!

NUTS!!! I have 5 days probably, I think we go out on Tuesday, but I’m not sure exactly. This is just nuts! Time goes too fast, enjoy every minute you can!
So... this Week was nuts!

I learned the importance of knowing how to do the shuffle this week ! I had papers from being Zone Leader in between my legs as I was washing my hands in the bathroom, but the towels were ages away. WHAT DO I DO?! 'Do the Hustle!' Haha and I shuffled my way over to salvation!

Proselyting was nuts this week, a companionship of North Americans, our trio with the Latino was abolished so we could get more work done. I was nervous, but the gift of tongues is real! We understood close to everything, got 2 lessons and people committing to come back to church (less actives) and 3 contacts! One with a drunk who came to us speaking in English haha. He said 'come on, please speak to me in English, I know you can. You’ve got an awful accent!' haha, and as I got talking to him, he said how friendly the missionaries are. I gave him a card, played around with him, testified of Christ, and invited him to Church. He said he wouldn’t go unless we were there, but I explained I’m in the MTC. I said we’d come back and teach him next Saturday and he accepted! We’ve got 2 of those teaching appts. set up for next week! BUT I wouldn’t let him leave without a commitment, so I said he needs to do us a favor, 'what’s that, I love the missionaries!' you need to go to church, cause I WILL CHECK UP WITH YOU NEXT WEEK AND SEE IF YOU WENT! He committed and I am so excited to teach him next week. What an experience and miracle of the gift of tongues!

Oh and the miracle of Prayer! I’ve been sick with a nasty cough and asthma, kinda like you have mom, and it turned into a fever just before proselyting. There would be NOTHING to stop me from going, so I prayed like crazy and even sacrificed my gym time to nap ;) haha, but in the morning of proselyting still felt just awful. I prayed for the strength, cause I was going no matter what, and I promised to give my all. A miracle occurred and didn’t realize it till after! We were eating dinner and realized I didn’t have a fever, I was able to do all of our trip with no sickness! And 'what added more to (my) joy' was that just at that moment, the fever came back and I felt just awful the rest of the night! I prayed and vowed to give my all, but if I was to be sick, I would still go and do in faith. The Lord answered my prayer and literally TOOK AWAY my sickness to touch the lives of those we encountered! What a miracle, the sickness came back right as we finished! My testimony of prayer and our personal relationship with God has multiplied, miracles happen today! I already knew that with my neck, but it’s nice to have these reminders! Oh and I am feeling better by the way haha, still have a bit of a cough, but wanted to share that with you all!

The word of the day is 'manillas' which are Handcuffs... but also means spouses! Haha so the quote at work is real 'you find out what true love is when you’re married, but then it’s too late!' hahah.

I LOVE my companions and am so stoked and nervous for the field. More stoked than nervous, I just get so antsy thinking about all of this! Oh, CRAZY so we had a little teaching appt. with our teacher to practice committing to baptism. We did great, so he sent us on a task. I need to commit the prez of our MTC AND Elder Lolie, another Prez here who is an Emeritus 70 to baptism! We did Elder Lolie already and what a joy!

I have 20 seconds, but I love you all so much, farewell! I pray for you always!!!

Elder Griffin McGinn

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