Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Email - August 18, 2010

Well well well... have you ever wanted to slug someone right in the noggin? Haha that has to be the emotion of the week. I’ll get to that in a bit though ;).

Well...sometimes you do just want to slug a man! Haha, this week was crazy. I was really mad after our Lima Trip and shouldn’t be... to a point. I got stuck babysitting the sisters in our district and they wanted to contact instead of shop! What fun! I’m in a pickle cause I’m here doing the work, but there went 2 hours of Lima central to get cool llama stuff, ties, sweaters, and Peru things. I was really mad, but me and this other elder decided to contact too. Why waste time? What an experience! I gave out two pass a long cards and I felt inspired to stop and testify of Christ, simply testify. I understood about half of what he was saying, and as I opened my mouth the words came out something like 'I don’t understand much, and don’t speak too well, but...' and asked him a question about Christ. I then gave him a pass along card with the picture of when Christ came to the Americas and he’s descending from the skies. What an experience! He was really interested and I was mad then cause we had to make it to our bus which cut our conversation short, but I learned an awesome lesson which seems obvious. Make the best of your time and simply trust in the Lord, as impressions come, act on them. How simply and how rewarding! So the trip was good and bad, but I’m over it!

We are in a trio for a bit cause there are 5 latino elders whose North American companions are still in Provo waiting on Visas. What a blessing! We have an elder from Panama who is going to our mission and he speaks so clear! I absolutely love him, Elder Gonzalez and Elder Juliana with me! We also have an elder going to our mission who played for Guatamala’s pro soccer teaml! This is weird... that night new Elders came last week I had to be up at 1:30 to give them info and keys and welcome them and guess who runs into me? Literally runs into me? McKell Denna!!! That was AWESOME, he is so great and I love being here with him. By the way, Timpanogos High School sends it’s regards, there are 5 here! Me, E Denna, E Blake Jones, E Jacob Heiss, and Hna Penovich!

Oh, I got a haircut again, I didn’t need one but boy do I love this buzz! My hair is SO short and I love it! This wouldn’t go so hot in Provo ;) haha. Oh and two funny verbs in spanish, you’d only laugh if you knew me and since your my fam, you won’t hate me if you don’t laugh. Haha one is 'Azogar' which I came by just flipping through the dictionary, it means 'to have mercury poisoning' great to know! And the other is 'Supurar' which is 'to discharge pus!' haha that made my week!

Elder Nash from the Area 70 came last night for a devotional and it was fantastic. He took the first hour to simply shake all of our hands and look us in the eyes as he told us how grateful he is for our service. That was a man of god, how special I felt as I felt God’s love through him! That was amazing, The Lord always sends a spiritual re-boost! I LOVE this MTC!

The temple was such a joy today. It always is, in the temple you find the Lord, for it is his house. The temple should be the aim of us all! I am so happy for the blessing of eternal families! Afterwards we ran to a little candy shop and I unloaded on candy! This was getting back at my Lima central downer ;). I got so much! I spent 50 soles, thank goodness that’s about 15 bucks in US dollars, but I’m living the high life! You’ll see my skittles and ritz I snagged!

I am so excited for Ecuador, it’s scary but really exciting! Fear is a lack of faith, but my faith is in the Lord! 13 days I should be heading out!!! Wow time flies, the Lord is with you always, simply look. As you look the blessings don’t stand out - they jump out.

I’m going to take a nap, but what a day and week! I’m learning patience, but all is well. I love this work, I love the lord, and I love the gift of tongues. It is real, we can obtain all if we simply ask and seek diligently! Anyway, I love you all! I feel the love of the Lord DAILY and know that I can and need to always go to him.

Elder Griffin McGinn

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