Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Email- December 13, 2010

This week was really busy but just awesome! We went to the temple Saturday, I've tried sending pictures, but things just aren't working out, but I really have never seen a more beautiful temple, in and out. It was an experience of a life time, even in the taxi bus with 16 elders for a 4 hour one-way ride haha.

This week we've been blessed in mysterious ways. The mission has a goal, from President Gamboa, to have 325 baptisms for THE MONTH OF DECEMBER. Nuts. Elder Añorga and I were doing great, some fell, we're still a bit panicked, but the Lord really just puts miracles in your way if you keep your eyes open, be obedient, and act on the Holy Spirit. We could have 8 more baptisms including January 1st!

With the short on time I'll tell you about one kid, Xavier Zambrano of 16 years who is just the man. We met him just in visiting his less active Grandpa and got sharing a message. He's a rough kid with necklaces and bracelets galore with a piercing in his lip. He told us how he used to read the bible all the time, then his parents separated, he moved in with his Grandparents, and there went the bible. We got him the Book of Mormon our first visit and he just dived in! The second visit we got him a baptismal date for Christmas, he wants so bad to change his life around and 'show his parents he's not the kid the people say he is.' The third visit we taught la ley de Castidad y la palabra de sabiduría (the Law of Chastity and the Word of Wisdom) and it was just awesome! Right then and there he took out his lip piercing and gave it to us, I've got it in my journal! Haha. It was tough for him, he wanted to hold off till his birthday in January, we brought up his baptism and he took it right out. He is so open, so ready and willing to keep the commandments, to listen to us, to pray, to APPLY the scriptures and not just read them! He even went alone to an activity Saturday at 8am at the church without really knowing anyone! He is really progressing, we had some issues with parents this week and need their permission, but things are going well. The tough one is his Aunt... we were praying to begin a lesson and she walked in and muttered loud enough for all to hear 'el espíritu de maldición.'(the spirit of curse). It's interesting haha.

We are working, the Lord really just threw miracles our way this week. A REAL less active man who left every time we taught his investigator wife and kids to go drink caught us this week. He told us to meet him at his house that night. We went and with tears of gratitude he told us of the miracle in a car wreck, prayer, and the Book of Mormon. He is changing his life, he is coming with us to visits, he is out to baptize and be sealed to his family.

I don't know why, but the Lord is really showing himself to us this week! I am so blessed, the Spanish is progressing, my family and friends are just great, I can't count the blessings of this week and my mission. EVERY YOUNG MAN SERVE A MISSION. DO NOT LOSE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO SERVE THE LORD. HE HAS COMMANDED YOU; HE WILL GUIDE YOU, YOU WILL BE EVERYTHING HE NEEDS YOU TO BE IF YOU JUST TRUST AND ACT. I will NEVER look down on the decision to serve a mission and I can't look down at my lack of preparation, just thank the Lord for calling me, for trusting me, and keep working each day WITH A SMILE.

The work is great, I'm excited for Christmas to share the message of a loving Savior who came and went for all and still provides for us daily. Do all you can to prepare, He is coming, I can't work hard enough, I lack so much and yet I'm so happy. I try so hard to do my best AND THAT is all the Lord asks of each of you. Just do your best, don't do perfect, that was the Savior. Just do your best.

I sure love you all and can't wait to open more presents, call you, figure out the solution to why I'm slowly losing weight everywhere BUT a growing stomach, and fighting the bus system each day as a limbering tree cat!

Christ lives, He loves you. He is your Savior and He is mine. All He asks is to follow and to receive the blessings! Please do it.

Con todo mi corazón, deseos, y sonrisa... (With all my heart, desires and smile…)

Elder McGinn

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