Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Email - December 6, 2010

So as for this week...

We had a baptism! Hna Maria Azúa was baptized this week and what an absolute blessing from the Lord. She came into our arms ready and really had an impact on my testimony. As we taught her the commandments, she always responded 'yes I will keep them because the Lord has commanded us!' Wow! Tons of her family is members in our ward. The Lord really put a miracle in our hands with her and it sure feels good to have another baptism after so long.

We've changed our efforts, really buckled down to make our investigators feel the NEED for baptism and not simply say 'okay sir,' cause the people are really open down here. It was a different week, trying to change our efforts and I'm really striving to put a certain quote to life 'My life is like my shoes, to be worn out in service,' I want to end EACH DAY of my life worn out, pooped, but with a big ole grin cause it was all done to the max.

The Lord really has blessed me with the Gift of Tongues! Of course I can't understand all and of course I'm still a bit lost, but I have matured so much with the help of Elder Añorga, he really pushes me to be my very best and to truly forget everything but the work. At times it's tough, with the language gap most of all, but I sure am maturing and we have such a friendship. ALL THINGS have downs, but the ups sure are awesome and we are out to have converts for life, not simply a baptism. What could be real cool, is in one year we'll be going to the temple again as missionaries and guess who could be too... our two baptisms recently! Hna Maria and her husband and the couple we baptized around Mom's birthday can be sealed in a year! How awesome that would be!

Our progressing investigators are dropping, we're doing more contacting, which I've never really done out here. People don't want to change or aren't ever home, but the work will progress! We can contact, we can go to investigators, we can go to members, less actives, there is always something to do! This week was slower and back to fishing and hunting those that want to listen. STAY ACTIVE family, friends, whoever is within the reach of my voice. It was hard to tell the husband he couldn't baptize his wife cause he's been inactive for so long and I got to think of the 10 virgins. How would the Savior feel and how would you feel being told 'sorry... you weren't active when the moment came.' Get active, stay active, be anxiously at a good cause and KNOW that the Lord is coming to save us! I love the words of Jacob in 2 Nephi 9, that the work will be great and everlasting... on one hand or the other... joy or pain, salvation of suffering. Look at the blessings the Lord has offered, we simply have to follow!

Know something... I am the happiest man in the world! I would NEVER change this chance to serve the Lord for these two years, just wish I could be the servant he needs! No one is perfect, just try perfectly and it is good enough! (2 Nephi 25:23). I love the work with all my heart, I KNOW my Savior lives and loves me and guess what? He's your Savior too! I sure love you all and want to tell you how great your worth is to the Lord. Act when he calls cause he wants to see you shine and wants you to recognize you can too!

I hid and kept my backpack on when a Member Lady asked for a blessing this week, I felt
inadequate and would give my spot to Elder Añorga and her RM son. She caught me though! She had me give the blessing, not the anointing and I truly was filled with the individual love the Lord has for me and all his children as the spirit poured the words to her heart. I felt such a love as we finished and she had tears of gratitude just pouring down her face and she NEVER cries! Never put yourself to the side. Know your worth to the Lord, Act when he calls cause he wants to see you shine. I shone in that moment, thanks to a loving Father in Heaven who wanted to tell me he loves and trusts me through that blessing.

La iglesia es la verdad, yo sé todo es posible por medio de la fe, la diligencia y la paciencia. Mantengan su mira puesta unicamente en la gloria de Dios y permítele brillar en sus almas! Soy Elder McGinn, estoy dando todo, cada día, con la certeza que Jesucristo vive. (The church is the truth, I know everything is possible through faith, diligence and patience. Keep your eye single to the glory of God and let it shine on their souls! I'm Elder McGinn, I'm giving everything, every day, knowing that Jesus Christ lives.)

Love you all!

Elder McGinn

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