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Email - August 1, 2011

I am going to kill the Internet Cafe Man... I am all ready to send pictures and which machine do I get? The one with tape over the plugs! You'll get pictures soon haha. We do NOT have fish tacos, it's a bummer! But I am enjoying shrimp, squid, octopus, and a variety of fish! Wow I'm in heaven. Yes I am dreaming in Spanish! It's awesome, it's weird. And NO I have not latched turtles to ride the waves, haha.

We just had transfers and I'm still here with Elder Franco! By the end of this change I will have passed one year on the beach... half in Portoviejo and half in Manta. I am SO happy with the fish I am enjoying! We have a brand new Zone. Of the 9 companionships we have... 7 had transfers, I am so excited to get working again. We had a crazy week and I can tell you that the Lord does bless us after we do all that we can.

We had a baptismal goal of 7 in the past change, we only got 3 but 4 fell for vacations and other things, we are going to have one hot month in August! The miracle is that of the 3 baptisms in July... none were in our list of investigators when we first made the goal. People fell, we kept working, we took advantage of the placement of the Lord, and all turned out!

We had a baptism this Saturday, Andres Lopez. He is a 19yr old kid who literally changed his life. He dropped it all in hopes of a better family. His parents don't trust him, his little sister prays he'll change, he came to church months ago, but disappeared. We ran into him in the street and he said he'd come to church. He dropped it all in a week and a half of visiting him. He was in gangs, drank, ran out with girls and you can literally SEE the difference that baptism and the Holy Ghost have made in his life. He is one of the miracles, one of the people prepared of the Lord and simply placed in our path.

Please continue to pray for LenĂ­n also. He is struggling to drop alcohol. He feels great with us, great in reading the Book of Mormon, yet when he falls, he falls hard. It's sad, yet funny... we know when he's drunk cause he speaks to me in English, what a change he is making. Please pray for them, we are searching for more people because we have tons that want to be baptized, we should have 7 or 8 in the next 6 weeks, but many are simply not progressing. Elder Franco and I are living it up, it is SO MUCH FUN to be obedient, be diligent, and have companion who does the same. We have a blast, we work hard, I have never seen so many miracles in my life this past transfer. I want to finish with one of those miracles that I shall never forget...

We've been visiting a lady, Consuelo, her kids never listen and make fun of us behind our backs. It doesn't bother us, but simply to set the scene. One is 11 years old, he had is appendix taken out and wasn't doing so hot with the healing. One day in visiting his mother, we were leaving when he called for us. We turned back around and he wanted us to 'heal him of his sickness.' My companion and I looked at each other and a cool spirit entered the room. We gave him a priesthood blessing, he was hunched over in a plastic chair with a big wrap about his stomach. Eight days later we happened to pass by and all was better! Perfect! Yes, his stitches were taken out like normal, but the doctors were surprised by the quick recovery. I know he was healed by the power of God, that power is the Priesthood.

Men are entrusted to bless those in need, to bless those that surround us. Just for receiving it once doesn't mean we keep it forever... be worthy of it. Deserve it and bless lives. God is a God of Miracles... THE God of Miracles. Let us be obedient, let us be diligent, then we shall deserve His Spirit and we shall change lives.

I love you all and thank you for your prayers. I am happy, I am healthy, quit telling me how much time I have left cause it passes too fast! ;)

Elder Griffin McGinn

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