Monday, December 12, 2011

Email - December 12, 2011

So last week I beat off Rocky... this week I thought was even better. I'll tell it all in one phrase... 'If it weren't for you kids and your meddling dog I would've read the chapter you left me in the Book of Mormon!' We were teaching a lesson and all was great until I heard the familiar jingle of Scooby Doo! 17 months without hearing that and wow was it rough, but we won! If it weren't for me and my meddling companion, Satan would've taken control there, haha.

Anyway, this week has been good! A panic attack trying to save December and get January up and bumping again, but it feels great to have President's trust out in our Zone, we have changed it 180 degrees. We need more people always, we are here to find the chosen, those prepared by the Lord and we can't waste time with those who simply want to listen. The work is interesting here, you go from having many to having no investigators frequently in your search for those prepared by God. But we keep climbing this nasty mountain! I love the work here and it is so fun seeing the Christmas Spirit pop up throughout the Mountain. I love this time of year, no matter where you are in the world this Spirit of Christ and loving all shines through.

I thank you all so much for your prayers and support, I have honestly felt a guiding hand beyond my own this week and know you have all been helping me. It is getting so much better and I have an experience that touched my heart and humbled me that I'd like to share with you all. During the middle of the week we had a good morning study, an okay planning session, but as the day started things started to fall through the roof. It was a rough day between us two. We didn't see eye to eye, one would try to help the other yet nothing worked, we got annoyed with the little things and the day seemed to simply crash. At one point near the end of the day it seemed that we both, personally, had a change of heart. We had a sweet lesson on the Plan of Salvation to prepare an investigator for Baptism and we started to see eye to eye and have the spirit as a companionship. Sadly, we thought, the day was coming to an end just as things got better, as it seems to have happened this whole time together. We were wrong, we were both humbled with what happened next. My companion, upon arriving home, got really sick and had a terrible fever. We thought it'd pass, we were going to wait till morning, but it kept getting worse. We decided to give Elder Gonzalez a priesthood blessing. PAUSE... what would have happened if we had ended the night ticked at each other and happy to have personal time alone? I would not have been worthy to give that blessing. Things would have been completely different. I was able to put my hands over my companion's head and bless him as his loving Father in Heaven were there with us. It was a sweet blessing, he got better, we came closer as companions. The priesthood power is special, it is unique, it NEEDS to be preserved and is only done so by keeping humble, maintaining good, clean feelings and thoughts and I am so grateful that the Lord had that in mind as we saw eye to eye at what seemed the end of our day.

I know that was quick, but I wanted you to see in the short time I have that your prayers for me were answered. We are doing better, we will keep improving, there is much to go still. I love this work, I love this season, I love the fruits of diligence! We had a baptism last week and should have another this weekend!

Honor your priesthood, love those around you, forget yourself and serve others. I am trying to do the same and I testify to you that even though it gets tough, it ALWAYS comes through in the end! That is God's sweet plan.

Love you!

Elder McGinn

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