Saturday, February 11, 2012

Email & Pictures - February 11, 2012

Well it's good to hear from you all, as always! I DID get my package and thank you so much for it! Elder Hancey asked me, 'so what does the family say?' I simply showed him the note you wrote mom, ENJOY! haha. I enjoyed 2 packages of fruit snacks while resting on my bed in between bathroom runs. Anyway… In the pictures I sent, one is me and my comp. The other is the ZL from my group (all from my group but one are ZL).

This week I felt like Thomas Edison. Why is that? We contacted ALL WEEK LONG and found (just like him) about 1,000 people who are NOT prepared to listen to us haha, just like he found 1,000 ways how NOT to make a light bulb. This week was a great one, but a long one. María is doing great, she is preparing to get baptized for the end of the month! Jorge is also doing much better. He will have an interview Monday and be baptized this week. Andrés and Ángela are struggling and hard to find, but all is well. It has been rough finding people.

One night we saw a 6 floor building with a buzzer system. We rang all 6 buttons to make the most of our time thinking that just a few would answer. Turns out I was talking to a boy through the speaker box AND an older man through the face window on the door while my companion tried yelling up to a lady on the 2nd floor. That was an interesting contact. Another went like this - 'Hello, what do you guys want?' Well, we want you to be baptized. 'Uh.... (we caught him way off guard with that one) goodbye!' And he shut the door. With Elder Hancey we are learning how to accept other's agency better, yet get our message off really clear and powerfully. It has been fun. We don't have many investigators, but we will! We may be traveling this week, but that's okay.

We have a really interesting investigator that I want to tell you about, I would also like for you to keep him in your prayers. His name is Nishro and is from India. He speaks a little Spanish, but speaks English. He can't read Spanish, but we are going to visit him today with an English Book of Mormon. He believes in many Gods but was impacted by our first contact as we talked about living after we die with our families. He felt the spirit and wants to listen. His family is in India (wife and kid) while he tries to earn money here. There is such a cool spirit as we teach him that there is one God in heaven who loves him and wants him to be happy forever. We're hoping he progresses!

Last night I got thinking of who I have become on the mission. I made a list in my bed of who I was before and who I am right now. The things I did well have been perfected and the things I should have changed are either gone or I see the way to get better. It was a very uplifting experience and I was so filled with gratitude that I got on my knees again, just before midnight, to thank the Lord for who I am becoming, hoping that He may use me forever to touch those I am around. I invite you to do the same. Take time and think of who you were spiritually 6 months ago, a year ago, etc. How has your patience grown? How has your relation with God grown? How has your relation with your fellow man grown?

Me encanta esta misión y sé que no hay mayor gozo que servirle al Señor con TODO nuestro corazón, alma, mente y fuerza para que él nos perfeccione en la obra de él. Se ve este cambio en Words of Mormon 1:7 y Helamán 3:35. Hay una diferencia entre purificarse y santificarse. Busquemos la manera de hacerle a Dios feliz, busquemos la manera de inspirar a nuestro prójimo que quiere mejorar pero tal vez no sepa cómo. Reconozcamos que la gloria de Dios y tener la mira puesta en ella es reconocer quiénes somos, quienes llegaremos a ser y a quienes debemos elevar aquí para que saquemos adelante la obra del Reino. Les amo mucho, no me quiero ir. Me quiero quedar. Ésta es la iglesia de Dios. Vivamos cómo debemos.

Elder McGinn

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