Saturday, February 25, 2012

Email & Pictures - February 25, 2012

Here are a few pictures of me and my comp with my new brown suit, a cool billboard in Quevedo, us with President in Monte Sinaí, our lunch of 'throw in what you have and I'll throw in what I have cause we have no other option,' and the ton of rain that fell the other night! It was crazy, I'll try to attach another funny picture, enjoy!

So it rained like CRAZY this week and preaching was fun. There was rain up to our knees in the streets. It looked like all had their boats out in the road. I was crossing the street and thought the curb was closer than it really was, or it jumped away when I stepped for it... but in my companion’s words... 'haha I just heard and ooof ooof oof! SPLASH! I turned around to see you laughing your head off in a puddle of water above your pockets!' He then came to pick me out and a car came by and splashed the heck out of us. Then we snagged funny pictures of us in the crazy 'Aguacero.' They say that it gets worse in March!

Near the end of the week we went out to Quevedo to do interviews with President. I love being with the missionaries, it is hard not being able to teach, find, etc. so we take advantage to get those that DO have that privilege really motivated to do so. All eyes are on us, they justify themselves in what we do, we must be perfect and I feel I am growing here more than I have in any part of my mission. I truly am becoming like Christ, or at least I am seeing the way to get there day by day. I am learning to love the sinner and not the sin, not getting on the backs of those who do wrong, but always keeping MY back upright and inspiring others to do the same. I love it!

We did NOT have baptisms, it is so hard traveling and not being in our sector. Tonight we are going to visit our investigators. They both want to be baptized but it is really hard for them to decide with their large personal problems. We had an AWESOME personal and comp study this morning preparing for them and we are stoked to confirm their baptism for tomorrow after church. They both had the assignments to pray about their baptismal date, clear up personal issues and keep reading the Book of Mormon. Tonight we are going to declare they are ready and get them in the water! We have prayed, we have fasted, I may just be bald... haha, but we have such confidence that we have done everything.

The mission is sacrifice, but we must obey first. That is for life too. As we strive to understand WHY we are obedient, we will come to love obeying. As we love to obey we may then strive to understand WHY we sacrifice, let us look to our Savior then. As we understand why, we may then come to sacrifice and give all we can for others and their salvation. When things do or don't go our way, let us skip how and what as we seek to understand why. We will begin to love more, comprehend more, enjoy more and progress more than we ever thought we could.

Sure love you all!

Elder McGinn

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