Thursday, March 29, 2012

Email - March 24, 2012

This week was a blast! We traveled to do a few interviews, but this time we got to hang around with the zone leaders for a day and do an interchange with them. That was a blast, I simply love getting out and working. It is still hard for me at times when the people simply don't see the importance of our message or don't receive us, but all have their agency and I'm not here to destroy that. This next week will also have a trip or two, but I hope we get a lot of time here to work in our sector. It is unpredictable and we move on the call a lot.

We have seen a few miracles this week, one is a baptism that we are hoping on for tomorrow. We just need the permission of the father. We opened this new sector Tarqui and there was a 14 year old boy Guillermo who had been going to church for a week or two. We got to know him, invited him to be baptized and he is so excited. I'll share a bit of his story. He has a friend who is a member of the church who was down in the dumps and was going inactive. He then saw his buddy who isn't a member and was even worse off and decided to invite him to church so they could both feel better and maybe his buddy could get to know the church. Turns out his friend (Guillermo) loved it and went the next week alone, even with his friend out of town. He began praying, didn't know why he felt so good, but he liked it. He was living a life... let's say without commandments of God. But as we taught him, he was willing to take a 180 degree turn. He passed his interview with a rough past, but a bright future and should be baptized. That is a testimony strengthener to me about the importance of friends who invite, gospel principles that enliven, and changes that are worth the pain. This gospel is so beautiful and I am stoked
for Guillermo.

Something interesting happened the other night. We were running way late in the office and our sector is still suffering with few investigators. We were deciding between use the last hour to plan for the week or risk trying to find Guillermo who has no phone number and is probably with friends who lives far away. With an hour left we decided to jet, hoping God would put him in our way. Turns out a lot of things were put in our way. As we walked out the door, members drove by and offered us a ride, cutting 20 minutes out of time. We happened to meet a friend of theirs who we will visit this week and Guillermo was home! We were able to confirm his progress with the commandments and his baptism. We had another 20 minutes to spare and I had the impression to visit another baptismal prospect who lived way far away. It was a weird impression cause she normally gets home way late from studies and shouldn't have been home. As we started the really long walk, another member came by and gave us a lift. As we knocked on the door to simply drop a pamphlet off for her, not thinking she was home, she had come home from the University early. She was happy to see us, we shared the Restoration, gave her a Book of Mormon and are preparing her for baptism in April. We got thinking… what would have happened if we had stayed put? What would have happened if we thought all was well after finding Guillermo and not visiting Sandra? The Lord has a purpose, the Lord has a plan and it will be brought to pass by simply being worthy of and acting with faith upon Spiritual Promptings.

I am convinced that the mission is the Lord's University. I am convinced that the Spirit is the key in missionary work and in our daily lives. I am happy with the blessings I see for acting, the blessings I deserve for repenting, and the blessings we see in others as they decide to do the same. I love you all and thank you family for teaching me how to defend myself. Thank you for giving me deep roots to base a strong spiritual growth upon. I love you all.

Elder McGinn

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