Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Email & Pictures - March 10, 2012

I should explain the pictures. One is of the crazy rains we are having, another is with Elder Trevor Schnepf as he became a trainer (he was in Uncle Tom's branch in the MTC), and the other two are of an awesome fruit called Guanabana (phenomenon 'doo doo do do do'... guanabana 'doo do do do') I absolutely love the fruit here. Thanks for your comments and your testimony, that helped me a lot. I am assured day after day that God answers prayers. One for what you said and two... María Agusta is FINALLY getting baptized!

Last Saturday was her baptism but she never answered her phone, neither did her friends which are members. She didn't show up to church either... we got way down and way worried. Then her buddies caught us after church saying she called them during the meeting saying she had a huge emergency and couldn't make it, but had 'made her decision' about baptism... NEXT SATURDAY AND NOTHING WAS GOING TO STOP HER. We got way excited! Then nervous again... we had a whole week without contact with her. Finally, last night, we got a strange phone call from her and I answered. Scared to death and with butterflies I listened as she simply wanted to confirm the time of the ordinance tonight. That was relieving! Tonight is her baptism and she is one of the most converted converts I've had, she is amazing. I'll send picture next week.

Speaking of converts, I don't know if I told you that the Ruiz Azúa family got sealed (María from Portoviejo) and that Jipson Mendoza (also Portoviejo) sent me a letter telling me he is heading out on a mission! He is off to Guatemala! I am so happy for him… that made my day. He is the convert that threw us out of his house and said 'I'll call you back when I want to get baptized...' Wow! Anyway...

This week was full of travels. We got hammered with vacations in Ecuador and traveling, so our schedule in our sector is close to nothing as we fix up everything. We are hustling to get a few families with baptismal date to finish up the month. Ah, so a funny story and then I'll finish with a spiritual one. So, we were in a training with the Zone Leaders last week and talking about finding new investigators and the doctrine behind that. It was going well! We have been talking with EVERYONE here and at times I feel like Thomas Edison, finding 1000 people who are NOT ready haha. So I went to share that with them... 'foco' means light and 'foca' means seal, the water animal. I screwed that one up and got a laugh out of all as I said that I feel like Thomas Edison who found 1000 ways to not make a seal. That made me feel like the time I screwed up one the FISH joke in front of Timp High School and hearing Mase's laughter in the background.

Last Sunday we had a cool experience that makes me so sure of the function of the spirit and the reality of the priesthood. There is a man, Wigberto, who is deaf and dumb, he is so active and makes us laugh. He is so loving and sometimes goes to teach with us. Anyway, he grabbed us the other day, he looked dead sick, yet was faithful in coming to church. He signed to us the actions of giving a priesthood blessing and so we went cheerfully. I looked at Elder Hancey and we thought the same thing 'He won't be able to hear a word of this blessing...oh well.' As my companion anointed him, the sweetest spirit filled our hearts and during the blessing I felt so guided spiritually, it was unbelievable. We finished the blessing, he was teary eyed, gave us a huge hug, and after the first hour he was completely fine. It was a miracle and strengthened my testimony that the Priesthood is real, that God knows His children perfectly, and it's not WHAT we say, but how worthy we are before acting, for we never know when we will be called.

I love this work. I love it with all my heart and am giving all I can to the end. In track we learn to run THROUGH the finish line, that is my goal. Christ is my Savior, he is yours. He loves you and me and wants us to come to Him humbly and be clean in action, mind and heart. This Gospel is restored and we can return to God through it.

Love you!

Elder McGinn

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