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Email - May 19, 2012

Well hello! Long time no see (well that is true) but long time no talk isn't so true.  Sorry, I don't have much time, I want to let you all know how much I love you and tell you of the great week I had!

 We had Elder Waddell here and lucky us, we got to accompany him to each of the 3 zone conferences he held. What a blessing! I will never forget how we met him. We waited for President's car to welcome them into the 1st conference. They pulled up and I went to open his door. He jumped out with a huge smile and this 6´6 General Authority says with a big grin 'Hello! I'm Elder Waddell!' He is so full of love for the work and love towards others, I learned so much from him.

 My week was running around with them from conference to conference. I'd like to share all, but here is what I feel will help most. He is so in tune with the Spirit and shared the following tips to have an illuminated life. 1- Pray on your knees, and do it sincerely 2- Study the Book of Mormon Daily 3- Go to all meetings with a question in mind (Esdras 7:10 - we are to search, not to wait and receive) and we will always take something out of it 4- Divide our page of notes in half. One half that has stuff you HEAR or LEARN and the other for things you FEEL and PERCEIVE. He taught so many great truths and was an answer to many prayers of mine.

 I will finish with this. Me and my companion are starting something that I challenge you all to do. I lack 6 weeks and we will see how you and I do. It's called 99 miracles. Every night when we finish the day, we talk of the miracles we saw, if we saw any, and we write them down in a part of our Journals set apart for miracles. It is beginning to open our eyes to all that God does for us, and how He truly is on top of our personal lives. We are seeing how fast we can hit 99, the goal is long before I get home. I will share with you an example- - Last night we were going to go up to the Mud Mountain but had a feeling to visit our recent convert instead. As we headed over, he wasn't home and we were bummed. As we walked away, we ran into him and he said he'd be back at his house in a half hour. We returned in a half hour and he wasn't home, but his mother (who isn't member) was present. We last saw her 2 weeks ago and she didn't want anything. We taught her through the Book of Mormon of Christ and His Atonement, got her talking and it was an edifying lesson. She feels great as she reads and doesn't know why. At the end of the great lesson, she finished with a prayer and the Spirit filled the room as she sincerely thanked God for sending 'the two brothers' over to the house when she least expected, but most needed them. She is beginning to progress again and has plans to go to church tomorrow. That was a miracle in our lives last night and I am stoked to see how quickly I can get to 99. 2 Down!

 I love you all and know this work is of God. I love my Savior Jesus Christ and know that the Holy Ghost will guide us to be more like Him as we keep its presence near. Miracles happen all around us, we just need to pray for them, work for them, and look back on the day to notice just how many we experienced.

 Elder McGinn

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