Saturday, June 2, 2012

Email - May 26, 2012

These last weeks have been very spiritually edifying as I seek His hand in all I do. This week has been a bear! As you can tell, today is Saturday, therefore I will finish my mission here. Elder Hancey had changes, he was such a great companion and helped me progress more than I had ever thought possible. What a great friend. Now I am with another North American - Elder Hancock. He is from Ogden and finished the next transfer after me. I got to know him early on in the mission and we are already good buds. I am excited.

 This past week we had old missionaries go home, new ones arrive, a training for them and two exchanges with zone leaders! One day in Manta and another day here in Guayaquil. Next week we will have a few more planned. We are doing a 'leave it all on the field' scheme as we go to every zone and to exchanges 4-5 days of each week. Boy, will I be tired, but it is fun to simply sprint to the end and be with many missionaries.

 We had some funny experiences that turned out great - like a woman who pretended to be deaf and dumb as we knocked on the door, little did she know we were eavsdropping and heard her speak. We called her out on in lovingly, she let us in, and her family is now progressing.

 I am so happy and just wanted to share some last words with you. I was reading Mosíah 2:41 this morning about the blessed and happy state of those who keep the commandments when the question came across my head 'can people who obey be blessed yet not happy?' As I pondered, a few scriptures came to mind (Alma 53:20-21; Hel 12:1-3) and yes. God blesses all, yet those who are obedient to his commandments may receive more blessings, but even they may not be happy. True happiness comes through living cause you love, not going through the motions. Let us think in our lives if we obey cause 'nos toca' we have too, of cause we love doing so and need His guide. Then we will truly be happy 'and if they continue faithful to the end, they will be received into the heavens to dwell in a state of neverending happiness.' The key is hang on till the end, and it is much easier when you enjoy doing so. I love you all and know Christ is my Savior. There is no doubt, it brings me true joy. I love Him and my Father in Heaven and the Holy Ghost. This work is true, there is no other.

 Elder McGinn

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