Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Email & Pictures - June 16, 2012

I haven't sent pictures in awhile, here is one with two of the mission's zone leaders, they are great elders.

 As for me... the traveling. What else is new. I could finish there haha. You don't have to ask if I've been traveling, simply to where. This week we had a few trips, not as many, but have still been great. Our mission is flying. We are one of the highest baptizing, retaining, and church-activity missions in the area. It has been such a blessing to work here and help boost the work in what we can. I have realized that truly... I haven't done anything! The Lord could do all of this on his own, it is just a matter of us jumping in or not.

 I had a sweet experience the other day as I was pondering a famous scripture... Mosíah 2:41. The most important thing that King Benjamin has to tell during that discourse comes in that verse. He would like us all to contemplate the never-ending happiness that comes to those who endure to the end faithfully. Many things called my attention, but most of all what I would like to share to whom it may concern. ;). Those who keep the commandments are promised a blessed and happy state of life, how great! Filled with temporal (what we see and enjoy) and spiritual blessings (what we feel that motivates us to keep enduring), wonderful! Yet those who hang on to the end shall reach a state of never-ending happiness, received in the kingdom with the Father (meaning that we passed Christ`s judgment with flying colors). Now I hope you all understand the connection that I am going to make right here. The never-ending happiness comes at the end of the road, there will be times where we aren't as happy as we would like during this life. There will be trials, sadness, loss of hope BUT those who base their testimony in the temporal blessings that come and go will surely fall, while those who base their testimony in the spiritual blessings shall have the motivation necessary to hang on to the end when we may truly bask in happiness that doesn't fade with the lights or the crowd. This life is great, God blesses us so much. Let us be grateful for the temporal blessings we receive, but we mustn't base our testimony in that source. Let us seek that which is spiritual, that which motivates, inspires, uplifts and does so eternally. As taught in 3 Nephi 13:19-21.

 Now... to finish, HOW DO WE DO IT? Just as King Benjamin finishes 'for the Lord God hath declared it' (something like that in English). The Lord has His declarations in the Holy Scriptures. Am I in them enough daily to give myself spiritual nutrition necessary? They will never lead us astray.

 I love you all, I love my Savior, this is His work and I want to do it His way. I have never felt true and lasting joy as I have here.

 Elder McGinn

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