Saturday, June 2, 2012

Email & Pictures - June 2, 2012

 Well let me tell you about my week... I haven't sent pictures in awhile, so hope you enjoy these ones.

 So Mase, like I said I'd share, I denied my first ever free item at the grocery store the other day. We did our shopping and as we were leaving we were lucky number X of shoppers and we won a prize. The lady went to hand us two bottles of Nestea, Black Tea. That was a funny, awkward, yet good moment to thank her, but explain our standards as members of the church.

 This week has been crazy. I am a Rambling Man. On Monday we got a call to go do a favor in a far away land for President, so we went. We took advantage and packed our bags for a few days of interchanges. Let's just say that in my 2 weeks with Elder Hancock, we have taught 2 lessons together. We have been doing a Hail Mary run through the mission lifting everyone, zone at a time and I am way tired, but it has been a lot of fun. Yesterday we had my last Leaders Council during my mission with the ZL AND DL present, it was a great meeting, not to mention the best baptismal number in a long time. We got 242 baptisms and confirmations in May with a goal of 264 for June. This coming week will be more interchanges. We are nomads, we have no home. I really don't have much more to inform you all than that.

 Shoot, we just got a phone call, we've got to jet. I just wanted to bear you all my testimony about Sacrifice. This last change has been pure sacrifice without a sector, without a ward, without investigators, without baptisms or hopes to baptize, and I am growing so much. I am coming to sanctify my mission, just how one should wrap up their time in the field. I am coming to better comprehend the life of the Savior, giving all of himself for the benefit of the Kingdom, not seeking praise or glory. I love my Savior and know He lives. I want to be like Him, I keep that present as I pray, study the scriptures and ponder them during the day. This is the best work, the most gratifying and I wouldn't change it for anything.

 Love you all!

 Elder McGinn

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