Monday, May 23, 2011

Email - May 16, 2011

Here is how my week went...

I am learning SO much as a Zone Leader. It is a BLAST being with Mase's twin, it's freaky. I learn daily, I'm humbled daily, and yet the Lord still extends His tender mercies towards me. Today we were helping (just me and Elder Escalante) translate for the US Army Medical Team. We went out to different sites to translate for patients, we helped 477 people today! It was such a blast being with the US Army, those are some big dudes... and gals haha. I ate an awesome dehydrated lunch, it reminded me of all my camp outs, that was cool. But wow my mind is just fried. I've been out since 7 am, we got back at 6 pm. Woof. We'll be with them all day Wednesday and Friday too.

As for my week, the work is flying! I absolutely love it here. This week was full of Baptismal Interviews and I got to see 4 of my investigators from my last ward get baptized.

I simply, with the time I have, wanted to share an experience that touched my heart. We have a convert here, she has a cousin. She told us that her cousin would not want the Gospel in her life. She's 14 years old. Her name is Adrianna and we went to give her a visit anyway. We simply listened, we didn’t say a word about the Gospel. She quickly opened up to us as friends and shared how tough it was having lost her mother and her father being a drunk. We invited her to church as we finished. It was a simple first visit, but what happened after was so amazing! She showed up to church WITH her cousin and liked it alright, but (heads up to you all on the difference you can make) right after all of the youth came to say hello and get to know her. 3 girls grabbed her by the arm and took her to the next class. We didn't see any more of her till church was over and she greeted us with the biggest smile AND with the 3 girls at her arm. It doesn't end there either haha. We stopped by that night to see how she was. She just blew up with happiness about the church and wants to come back, she was blown away that day. She accepted a baptismal date for the end of the month AND when her grandmother refused to offer the closing prayer, she offered to do it herself, if we'd show her how. Elder Escalante and I were simply blown away with laughter and joy. This is a 14 year old girl who has a broken home. She goes out at night to have fun in clubs to simply 'forget.' By having people who listen, people interested, and people who invite, she is now a girl with hope and a baptismal date, working on Personal Progress and as happy as can be.

I love this mission. I love the help of the Lord. The Lord guides us in the most simple of ways, a tiny thought. I have learned, just as you did in Stake Conference, of the importance of the Spirit in our lives and how simple, yet strong, that guidance really is. Do all you can to have the Spirit and simply reach out to ALL! Everyone has trials, everyone's life is hard, the burdens are ever present, and so much easier to bear with a friend.

I love you all and I love being a missionary. This church is true and there is no doubt in my mind.

Love you all and hear from you soon!

Elder McGinn

Oh and getting off a bus the other day, I got off the other way for a change,,, the left side. I felt a bump, I heard a crash. I busted the right side mirror off... crap.

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