Monday, May 23, 2011

Email & Pictures - May 23, 2011

FIRST off... I forgot to thank you Syd for the scripture you sent me the other week in Romans 1:16 and I would like to share with you (and all that are dropping eaves on the conversation) my favorite scripture. I simply love the scriptures, but Helaman 5:12 shall forever be my favorite because of the impact it had on my life when I was 15 years old. No matter WHAT happens in life, who you're around, the challenges, exercise your faith in Christ and you shall always stand tall.

It sure sounds like a wet month in May, it sure is dry here! But wow what a nice breeze on the beach! It's beautiful out here.

I'm sorry it's been real short these past few weeks, but you know... I was only in my sector working 2 days the whole week! Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we were translating for the doctors, dentists, etc. and what a blast! And yes, Dad, we had such a huge impact for the church. ALL the medical staff was sad that there were only 2 missionaries cause one: we translated the best, two: we were hard workers, and three: we were normal and fun to get along with.

The first day I worked with kids, the next with a dentist (and got a cleaning myself, haha...) and the last day with parents. I sure had to ask some awkward questions but the doctors, cause we were so busy with them, got asking so much about the church and thanking us for our efforts. I was amazed at ALL the people that wanted our help or simply started conversations like, 'Hey you're the Mormons right? Where are your buddies, you've helped us so much!' Tomorrow they are taking us on a tour of the HUGE hospital boat that I have a picture of! What fun. The other days of the week we had Interchanges with our District Leaders, so really I haven't been here at all.

I know it's short, but have to fly! I just want to testify to you all of the work of the Savior. The work is not done in finding someone, sitting down, sharing a scripture. The work is what we did for the Army, what you do in the street or at work. The work is doing the things that keep the Spirit personally cause like the Lord's promise in 3 Nephi 12, YOUR LIGHT WILL SHINE THROUGH THE DAILY WORKS YOU DO. Just live life, serve people, be examples of the believers and THEY will envy what you have. They will ask you, they will come to the Lord and experience the change that we continue to have. Christ lives, He is my Redeemer. The Book of Mormon IS the Rod that leads us to Life Eternal. Please read it, you shall never fall.

Love you!
Elder Griffin McGinn
And no broken mirrors this week!

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