Monday, June 27, 2011

Email - June 27, 2011

Here is how my week went!

The picture is of Carlos Delgado, 19 years old, who got baptized this Saturday! That was fun to have a baptism again. We should have a few more here in the next month.

Yes, I have hit the one year mark... Thursday! It gets me excited and sad. Sad cause there went one year, but excited cause I'm finally learning how to lose myself in the work and this year shall fly! Thank you for the comments and questions on Elder Franco and I. We are getting along fine, a bit rough at first, but things are smoothing out. It's always a bit odd getting to know your new companion, but it is an opportunity to love more, show more patience, and truly humble yourself before the Lord. The Zone is doing great, we have an almost entirely new Zone! Half of the elders are brand new or have less than 3 months in the mission. Only 4 of us 18 have more than a year!

I have to tell you to watch your Member of the Church Vocab with a funny story. So an investigator came to church, and it was awesome cause his buddy (Carlos Delgado) was confirmed that same day and got his buddy more excited to listen to us. Anyway, after Sacrament Meeting, a member came up to welcome him to church and present herself. She said 'Hey, we're from the Young Single Adults, welcome to Church!' Something like that, correct right? Well HE took us for a detour by responding 'You're single? Let's hook up babe.' Well that kind of put a damper on the Spirit haha. I busted up laughing, I'm not going to lie, and they both went really red in the face.

Anyway... I could tell you another funny story about a drunk man who spoke to me in English for 5 minutes before we escaped, yet he ran upstairs and to the window; as we conversed with an investigator outside and across the street, the drunk man yelled for 30 minutes to get my attention. 'Everybody, I'm drunk! THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA.' How awkward, so we visited him the next day (yesterday). Turns out his mom is an inactive member and he would really like some spiritual help in his life right now. But let's end on a good note today.

The best thing you can ever do for anyone is listen. To put it into perspective, we listened to a man for 45 minutes. He only accepts us because we know we'll listen. In listening to Patricio Cajas with all my heart, every single word, came to mind 'Oh if I were an Angel...' Alma 29:1-4. In simply listening to Patricio Cajas, he was able to vent and feel our love. In listening ever so slightly to the Spirit, scripture came to mind which was perfectly applicable to the needs of Patricio Cajas, permitting him to feel of God's love in that very moment. He is progressing, little by little. 4 kids, single father, wife ran out on him for another man, in rehab for alcohol, and works from 6am to 8pm every day.

Change lives, listen, take the burdens of others upon yourself. God loves his children and they need to feel it, show His children interest and you shall be the entrusted instrument. I love the mission, I love you all, I love the Lord and I know that Christ is my Savior!

Elder Griffin McGinn

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