Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Email & Pictures - June 13, 2011

Well, I'll get to your questions first... My companion has just started his last week! We could have changes any second this week, but he goes home on Monday. How crazy that has been! A few of my favorite things are a drink called Pony Malta, it's the Mormon Beer down here haha, 'ManDingo' which is Ecuador's J Dawgs and it's AWESOME (3 stops during the week haha) and Polaca. It's a sweets drink made of Oatmeal, Cereal and Milk.

Well, last week I didn't work with my companion cause he was in bed. This week I didn't work with Elder Escalante cause we divided up the whole week almost! To catch up what we had lost, we divided up with two future missionaries. One is from our ward, off to Mexico City and the other is Elder Escalante's convert from when he started the mission 2 years ago! He came back to the neighbor sector of where he began, haha. We split up and worked like crazy AND THE LORD BLESSED US IN EVERY MOMENT. I can promise you that for sure. We had just about 50 lessons between us two this week.

I am so happy, a bit antsy for changes, but I'm excited for the push into the dark that the Lord's about to hand me, cause now it's my turn to really depend on the shine of the Holy Ghost. It is there, but at times we depend on others and we don't really recognize our own potential. I have been so happy here, Elder Escalante is one of the best missionaries I've met and I lack so much. Comp Study is more of an Elder McGinn Punching Bag Experience, haha. I practice and he stops them. I try again, he stops them, that happens the whole hour, but I am truly learning who I can become.

Two stories to finish up to promise to all you future missionaries, current missionaries, members, or those who may not be members of the church. The Spirit guides those who work. In an interchange we went at 8 to meet up with a family. They already told us they'd be there. They weren't (surprise haha). But their neighbor upstairs was leaving to do groceries and started talking to us. I don't know how the conversation started, but I'd never forget how it ended. A man who simply came downstairs as we were leaving a 'no show' turned into a man who is accepting our visits with joy.

Patricio has 4 kids, his wife left him for another man, he is an addict to alcohol, he knew AND read the Book of Mormon while missionaries visited him in a clinic. He tearfully told us 'I know you two are sent from God to change my life, I felt it when I saw you.' We gave him a Book of Mormon and he thanked us because 'I gave mine away to a good friend in the clinic when I took off, I have been searching for it ever since.' I am so excited to see what happens!

Well I lied, I said I had 2 stories, and I do, but my time is up haha. I LOVE THE MISSION! The Lord truly guides those that seek His aid. The spirit shall guide you in all, don't doubt! Learn to trust, then go and do! I cannot believe the changes I have made in this time in the mission. The Lord shall mold you into His servant with the faith we put forth. Keep the Commandments. Be humble. Listen to the Spirit. Listen in the home. Tell all that you love them, show it in action. The Church is true!

Elder Griffin McGinn

(enjoy the pictures of our sea food lunch the other day, I've never eaten so good! Also, that lady with me in the picture is 92 years old, to be baptized. Yes, that is a man and yes he does have a shark on his shoulders. We woke up early this morning, ran on the beach, and took cool pictures of the huge fish and shark from the fishermen here.)

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