Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Email - June 6, 2011

First and Foremost, I really want Jeff Watkins and Jake Watson to know que ánimo que tengo en cuanto a sus llamamientos! Wow me sorprendieron pero por completo! España y Brasil, que misiones! Estoy seguro que van a Rock the House!

All you young men out there, GET ON MISSIONS. Turn your life around or keep it progressing, build a personal relationship with God and really come to know that repentance (even the small things) is the beauty of life. What a blessing WE have in the Gospel and what a peace WE FEEL in letting someone else in on the secret.

I am GREAT! This week has been... let's say rough, haha. Monday we went to Guayaquil (4 hours), Tuesday we had Zone Leader Counsel, Wednesday we got to work, but Thursday my companion got way sick AND the Assistants came with President and his wife for Zone Conference. This whole week we've been in the house... I went out with the Assistants at night to visit, but my companion very strangely jacked up his Meniscus, has an Intestinal Infection, and a Fever. Alright! Haha we're going to see how teaching goes today, cause he still is okay, not too great. He is sick of being in bed, but that really was our week... haha. Exciting right? I was at home in the day, teaching at night with one of the Assistants.

Changes are soon and I'm nervous to be a zone leader out here cause in the past 12 weeks... we haven't worked here in 7 of them between sicknesses, travels, etc. Let's just say our sector (not the Zone thank goodness) is dead! A lot of fishing up in these parts... no pun intended being on the ocean shore. It never rains our here, we're in paradise. It's hot, but there is a sweet breeze from the ocean, I really am in such a sweet place. It just kills the elders with sickness. 3 of the last 4 zone leaders have been just killed with sickness! Let's see what happens to me haha, no all shall be well. That really was my week, being at home and trying to save our sector, but I'd like to finish with a cool story.

We were a bit bummed in the house on Sunday, but started to sing a few hymns as loud as we could. Weird right? The little neighbor girl kept scootering by with ice cream listening to us. But as we sang “How Firm a Foundation” and the few hymns of Joseph Smith and the Restoration, such a powerful spirit filled the room! I really can't explain it but it was SO powerful! We got excited, happy, ready to work, filled with the spirit, laughing. I don't know where I'm getting with the story haha, but want to tell you all of the power of hymns in my life, the power of the scriptures, in other words... the power of the Spirit. Do ALL you can to have the Spirit in your life, IT WILL GUIDE YOU. God loves you, He wants to guide you, He will do it by His Spirit. The Spirit animates, excites, illuminates, comforts, does it all.

I love the work and there is no better happiness than KNOWING that though there are rough times ahead, times of doubt, the Lord is guiding me and shall do so through the Spirit and daily repentance. Repent! Love! Life is worth living, but so much sweeter in the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Love you all!!

Elder McGinn

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