Monday, July 11, 2011

Email - July 11, 2011

I can tell you, I AM still limber as a tree cat, nimble as a lynx. I surprised myself yesterday! So we are walking down the street, talking about the next visit. The drunks always say hello, shake our hands, offer us to drink, and yesterday a drunk man without a shirt came up to me waving and shook my hand. The next thing I knew my hand caught his hand halfway down my pocket. The dirty rat had tried to rob me in daylight and at the speed of a cow! Haha, as I caught his wrist real tight he about fell over from surprise and being drunk, he threw up his fists to punch me and as we sat there staring at him, he walked away yelling. What an odd experience, anyway.

I am still here and I love it! This week we hardly got to work because Thursday and Friday we were in Guayaquil (Pres. Amaya is awesome! Different, but full of the spirit and hits hard on Pure Obedience. We have Zone Conference with him tomorrow.) Saturday we helped represent Missionary Work in a huge YM activity for Manta. But the Lord still is blessing us in many ways! Without working the LAST half of the week, we still had 10 investigators at church!

We are a bit worried with our Baptismal goal this month, but with 3 weeks left in the month we have 13 people with dates! The Lord truly blesses us as we do ALL we can with what we are given. These next few weeks will be crazy, and hopefully with many baptisms. Just have to be obedient, diligent, and accept what happens. I'm so stoked, a bit panicked, but we'll see what happens with the baptisms in the next few weeks!

In the little time I have, I'd just like to share a tiny story about revelation... not in the lives of the missionaries. We've been visiting a couple (24 yrs and 17 yrs old) that want to be baptized, simply need to get married. That is ALL they lack too! The only issue is that they 'prayed and felt that God needs them to get married in August.' Yeah. Big lie haha. Ronald's birthday is in August and they want it to be special (nice try investigator). But anyway, we've been trying to get them to see the importance of having the spirit in their lives as soon as possible, but with no results. We went to visit them the other night and in reading 2 Nephi 32 with them Genesis shared with us, WITHOUT ASKING HER, that over the past few days they've felt an itching to get married much sooner... in July. We'll see tonight how their plans are coming, but she knocked us off our feet! It is wonderful to see how the Lord works, He works in so many ways and touched the heart and mind of this couple so softly, leading them to the best decision they'll ever make.

This week has been simple, a lot of traveling, but the Lord has blessed us with the people and we are now committed to go ever so carefully these next few weeks to have (best situation) 13 baptisms! Work hard, always be obedient, the blessings come!

Oh and as for the lady who has a terrible boyfriend that I talked about the other week... they are happy, they are reading the Book of Mormon together, they are praying together, little by little they are coming together!

I love the mission. Never have I been more satisfied in my life. I always knew God existed, but now I am coming to know of the active role He plays in our daily lives. It is amazing; it is in the simply things. God lives, He loves you, seek His guidance... then follow it. That's where we fall short most of the time. Love you all!

Elder McGinn

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