Monday, July 18, 2011

Email - July 18, 2011

I thank you SO much for the offer to pray for investigators! We are in need of a miracle in these last two weeks. As a companionship we put a goal of 7 people to be baptized in July. Right now... we have zero. BUT we have 15 that fit the requirements and have a date fixed! I will fill you in on a few experiences soon, but PLEASE pray for Ronald and Genesis. They want baptism, they will get married... in August. They have come to church 4 times and know it's true, but we can't seem to find what really holds them back. ALL they lack is marriage AND THEY WANT IT! Haha... in August. Carlos and Mariuxi please, they are perfect. They took our challenge to listen to God in their prayer, ask if He is there and listen. They did, they told us their experience with joy and tears. They know it's true, they have accepted everything we have taught, they are AWESOME! We taught them during vacations, Carlos is going to work again and will never be home. He has to drop coffee. They have told us of miracles that are passing in their lives, yet are still 'waiting for the answer.' It makes me laugh, yet now I'm impatient haha, cause they have their answer, just don't recognize it! And finally LenĂ­n. This man comes with a story that I shall never forget, a testimony to ME that we are God's instruments and every man in the street is there for a reason....

Do you remember the man that I talked about a monthish ago that spoke to me in pure English, but drunk? Then he went upstairs and was yelling at us in English as we taught our investigator in the street? Well...we returned the next day and he thanked us, he was surprised and started to listen to us. The next visit he said WHY he listens to us, 'because not everyone runs in to a drunk man and returns the next day to see how he is.' He feels we are sent from God (which is true haha). We left him with the Book of ¨Mormon and a folleto of the Restoration. That was about a month ago. He has come to church twice. He accepted a baptismal date for the 6 of August, but it gets better! You know what he told me yesterday in church? Hey... Elder McGinn, I was reading your folleto and when I got to Joseph Smith, I was fixed. I reread and reread and reread, I underlined, marked, I was blown away! I want to tell you more, but you have to come by the house! Please come! I don't even feel the desire to drink Alcohol anymore! That was his biggest problem, alcohol. He is so busy and it is hard to see him, but he could get baptized THIS SATURDAY, two weeks in advance, his goal is for the 6th. He is a miracle, The Lord put him in our path and I will not let him out of my sight!

This gospel changes lives, it performs miracles. For all you members of the church, LIVE THE GOSPEL! Are you reading the Book of Mormon daily? Praying morning and night? Doing so as a family? Paying tithing and fast offerings? Going to church... the 3 hours? Having Family Night? Going to the Temple weekly? IT MAKES LIFE SO EASY AND SO BEAUTIFUL! Those who aren't members, just give it a try! Your problems, whatever and wherever they are, will be resolved, you will be guided, you will have direction in life, you will be happy again. God loves you so much and simply asks that you keep his commandments and He will bless you immediately! Mosiah 2:22.

I don't know... haha I'm so happy! I hate thinking of time. Please pray for these people, we are trying to fix up our goal as a companionship and as a Zone. We can do it, we'll be busy with many interchanges this week, but we are learning to consecrate ourselves in this great cause, the only cause that takes us back to our Heavenly Home. We have the people, the Lord has blessed us with so many at church, in the street, everywhere, we simply need to put them in the baptismal waters! We don't know what else to do, but we are going to go at it like crazy. We are so happy, a bit rushed, not going to lie, haha, but there is no better happiness than fighting for the salvation of those around you. Never tell me it's not possible, never tell me it's hopeless. It is too fun and too worth it to quit keeping the commandments, quit working, and waste one minute as a full time instrument of the Man with the Plan... Plan of Salvation that is.

I have so many experiences to tell you, I love the work! I want to write forever! I don't want to talk to you or see you just yet, I lack too much time here, but if I could write all day, I would! We turned the corner and just happened to say hi to a lady who JUST was separated from her husband, he ran out on her. What if we simply passed by? What if we talked to her? We talked to her, she accepted a baptismal date, she loves the Book of Mormon.

What more can I ask for? I am the happiest man in the world here in Ecuador.

Elder Griffin McGinn

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