Monday, November 1, 2010

Email - November 1, 2010

I have to apologize, I thank you for your emails and do love hearing from you, but we went to Manta (1 hour away) for a training with Pres. Gamboa and got back with no time. We've been rushing everywhere to finish everything and I'm sorry that I have to make this quick again.

Well, soccer was worth it last week. I had 3 goals, including the opening one! What a player I'm starting to become... haha not. It was great though, a lot of fun to get out and run again. But boy were we all hurting that next morning!

This week was another dead one. No help from the ward, no one at home for our visits, a lot of walking, a lot of knocking, but life goes on! I'm learning to love the people and at times it is difficult, but the work is progressing!

Oh, I had a little slip this week haha. We were teaching a girl that was just baptized (and thank goodness) and talking about Young Womens and stuff like that to help her grow in confidence, in the church, talents, activities, things like that. I used a word I learned in the MTC 'maƱas' which I thought was skills. Turns out it is skills, but I told her that in YM's we learn to develop our 'evil skills' like pick pocketing, knifing people, and let your imagination do the rest haha. That was a bad slip, no wonder she looked confused!

The work is going on, training was great with P. Gamboa, it just stinks that I have no time today! It was so fun to get together. My language is coming along, bit by bit, but coming. The work is slow, but my efforts aren't! That is a key for life, it may not be moving, but YOU keep
moving and keep a smile on!

Please keep praying for me, pray for the people, and keep the commandments. I love you all so much and know it is short, but I PROMISE a better, bigger email next week! I love you all!

Elder McGinn

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