Monday, November 22, 2010

Email & Pictures - November 22, 2010

Transfers! I'm still here in Portoviejo with Elder Añorga, one more transfer for now with him and I'm grateful for the oportunity to improve! We're really growing in a friendship and it's a blast. Times can be tough, patience can be thin, but we're really growing and I've learned a lot from him and about me. Time sure flies fast! Here comes transfer 3 and by the end of this one I'll be a 4th finished. How sad! I truly have the greatest calling in the world. I get to tell people EVERY DAY that they have a Savior who loves them enough that he gave his life to pay their ticket to Eternal Life. All they have to do is accept the ticket and make the journey. I can't be more happy with the great calling, the adventures, and the blessings that come by persevering!

So this week I made a big slip with my Spanish. We were with a man that has met with the missionaries a bunch, his wife and daughter are members. He's real funny, a jokester, and easy to get along with, but he does have a shifty eye gaze that I really don't like. Anyway, he had a hat on that said 'clowns' and I thought it was funny and asked if he knew what his hat said cause it fits his personality. He said, 'no, what does it mean?' I told him Payaso, the word for clown in spanish. He went dead cold in the face, dead angry, and his shifty eye gaze turned into a death stare at Elder McGinn. As the words came off my lips I felt my heart sink, my soul shiver, and all hope go out the window. Turns out I called him a big idiot haha, calling someone a payaso is a HUGE insult down here. Now I'm trying to gain back his trust haha.

This week was down with numbers. No help from the ward, a lot of people not home or not wanting to listen, but those that do sure are great! I want to share a spiritual experience to end my letter this week. Monday night we were with Maria Asua, all her relatives are members and she is just awesome. We were teaching her and I felt such a bang to invite her to be baptized. As I threw out the invitation, with a spirit so strong, she simply said 'yes.' I was so taken a back haha. My first time inviting someone to be baptized and they simply say yes! I really did make the Robin Hood noise (ooof!) and kinda stared from her to my companion with a smile of 'what happens next...' It was funny and just wonderful.

The Lord is working in me, the work sometimes drags, or so it seems, but it NEVER falters. Stay in the game and the Lord will surprise you. Act when you're called and oh the lives you will change! I am so filled with joy over this Maria Asua and the tender mercies of the Lord. Give thanks and eat a big turkey for me! And you're all a bunch of Payasos!

Elder McGinn

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