Monday, November 8, 2010

Email & Pictures - November 8, 2010

This week was great! Like all of them, I sure love the work. The work will always be going, it will always be tough, I am just learning to adapt my actions to the needs of the Lord!

We had a lot of help from the Members this week to have divisions and a real testimony to me and a surprise to you all of the trust in the Lord and the miracle of the Faith... this Saturday we had divisions THE WHOLE DAY! I only had one appt. with Elder Añorga to finish the night. Imagine me running around solo haha, but it was so awesome.

This is where I became the Tree Cat in the photos. This story is pretty funny, haha. We were passing by an inactive lady who we visit every now and again. I asked if she needed help and she looked at me with a sarcastic smile and said 'yeah, climb this tree and get me some mangos.' I surprised her AND the member I was with by throwing off my backpack and climbing the tree. After the surprise fell from her face, 10 or so mangos came down for the family to enjoy. That was so much fun and I got her signature (haha I really did) to promise to come to church this next week. What a love in service! This week was full of divisions, we got so much work done and really did change our views to what the Lord needed this week.

The baptismal candidates aren't really progressing, but we sure lifted the less actives! We got so much done when we recognized ANY work with diligence is successful. Another thought I'd like you all to consider, it helped me a lot this week. The difference (Jeff) between llegarse y mantenerse (reaching and maintaining) in this life. It is easy to llegarnos, pero podemos mantenernos en la obra? (arrive, but can we stay in the work?) It is easy to arrive, but can we maintain, can we persevere?

Oh, I had cow hoove soup the other day, along with that picture of the fish. It was... fine haha, different. I don't have much time and Elder Añorga is waiting, but I sure love you all. Know that this work is the best thing that could ever happen to a person, you put all your time in the Lord and he shows you with blessings that all his work is in you. The cool thing about the gospel, is when it is lived to perfection, it truly benefits everyone. We all serve, love, lift, and the Lord does the same. I have grown in the faith, grown in my love for the people, and this week was a good one with divisions!

I am the happiest man in the world. DON'T llegarse, but mantenerse in your lives! This gospel is true, it blesses families, it changes lives. Realize that and do all you can to be involved!

Elder McGringo

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