Monday, November 15, 2010

Email - November 15, 2010

So you get snow and things here are just getting to heat up! Man this heat sure can kick you in the tail! I wash my face at night, RIGHT before bed, and by the time I get to my bed (2.4 seconds later) my face is dry! And the worst is yet to come...

This week I learned a few things about the culture and the language that tickled my fancy and might just tickle yours too... first we were eating with our Mamita, I finished and my spoon was sitting face up on the plate. The 11 yr old daughter told me to turn my spoon over, if it is up, it means I want more food. First I thought 'uh oh!' and changed it quickly to be polite... then the little devil in my head said 'act innocent Griff... act innocent. You 'don't know much' and could get another helping for being oblivious...' Haha so I quickly and quietly turned it back but to no avail.

Second off, sometimes it sucks being able to understand bits and pieces and letting your imagination fill the gaps! E. Añorga asked one of the Less Actives we were with how her baby was doing, she's pregnant. He then asked a question and I heard the word sangre... blood. The following scene was horrific as I tried so hard to ignore the body signals, sound effects,and my own imagination as they described an operation. My mind is killing me haha! THEN in another appointment they got talking about shots... I'm telling you, I just about dropped haha. I'm being beaten by my own brain out here!

Anyway, let's get to work. The work goes on. This week was a bit different and tough when you have divisions planned each night and just about each night, the members fall out on us. It is a test of patience, of love, and of diligently getting back on track.

This week we've been so busy running here, running there, I wrote in my journal once this whole week cause of time, so I don't remember anything huge to tell you all haha. But I learned the importance of being more convinced in my own testimony. Teach them that this is the only way to gain salvation. It is not an invitation to be baptized, we are telling you the way to gain eternal life! At times I still feel inadequate and like the arm of my companion (more like the tree he drags around cause I'm much bigger than his arm haha) than a missionary who supports his companion in bringing the Restored Gospel to souls.

I am working so hard to gain my confidence and to really get a grip on this language, but it comes through love, through patience, through study, through faith. I really have been so blessed with the Spanish I can understand. It really is amazing, and with that I feel like I'm stuck in limbo. I still fear reaching out and boldly following impressions for fear of the language. I know that the Lord called me here, I know I am capable, I just need to do it! I sure love this work, it was slow this week and a test of love and patience, but I couldn't be happier here.

I'm a bit nervous, we have 'cambios' this Sunday, we wait for the phone call to see who goes, who stays, or neither of the latter haha. Part of me wants to go and explore, part of me wants to stay and start being the missionary the Lord called me to be. I'm nervous to be left here and E. Añorga go, but come what may and love it right?

The work moves on, the Lord will provide, we just have to jump on his ship. I am learning daily the miracle of LOVE, the miracle of a SMILE, and I can really feel when a genuine smile or laugh brightens a stranger's day. If we look at the blessings of the gospel, all the people in the world have families, all have work opportunities, all have health, what is the difference between the world and the gospel? Ether 12:6 WE HAVE THE HOPE THAT CARRIES US THROUGH EACH DAY, we have the knowledge of a Savior who loves us and lived the way. Let us live in our hope, let us follow him, and let us share with the world WHY we have every reason to hope, smile, and live.

I sure love you all! I don't know how next week will go with changes, but I'll keep you updated!

Elder McGinn

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