Monday, April 23, 2012

Email - April 21, 2012

Well to answer your question Dad, we don't really know just how lethal the iguana is until you surprise it and grab it by it's legs. Then you get cut up and realize it was a bad idea. I'm sure there is a way to know, but we don't and it seems that the Ecuadorians don't either.

 Sandra is not getting baptized this week. We are going to slow down and get her good and ready for May. It is really hard with our travels and her schedule, she gets home each day at 11pm and leaves early in the morning. Keep her in your prayers.

 As for my week... let me tell you that it was an adventure that no other missionary has embarked. I interviewed John Lennon and turns out he is getting baptized! Haha... but this 20 year old youth does have that name and I laughed pretty hard. I didn't believe him at first.

 We haven't been in our home since Monday! Tuesday in the morning Elder Hancey and I went to Quevedo to work with the zone leaders before a conference on Wednesday. It is a 4 hour bus ride out to a jungly part of Ecuador. I got to work with Elder Molina again (the missionary I trained) and it was a blast. Wednesday after the conference we got on a bus from Quevedo to Portoviejo, another 4 hour ride. There is only one route, only one bus and you go through some really high, deserted mountains in Ecuador. It was the craziest ride and I know for a fact that we were the first missionaries to ever do that ride. Thursday we split up with the zone leaders in Portoviejo and worked and did baptismal interview (that is where I met and interviewed John Lennon) and Friday in the morning we got up early to travel an hour to Manta for the last Zone Conference. We got home last night around 10, but that tour was so fun! The only issue is... our sector sure is suffering. We haven't worked there for 2 weeks almost, but things will better for May. I really don't have much more to say, our week was a lot of conference, bus, and crazy jungle routes.

 One thing that was reinforced this week that I enjoyed relearning was the importance of seeing progress through God's eyes and not to our own judgment. It was fun being with the missionary I trained 16 months ago and see how much he has progressed (maybe that's cause I speak and understand Spanish better, haha) but it was also fun to see missionaries in the zone conferences who have gone through trials, suffered, hung in there and are much more spiritually mature and excited about the work. Progress is interesting, trials are too. The sons of Mosíah were on their mission 14 years and I love Alma 17:5 'and these were the circumstances...' it wasn't pretty. The city of Enoch took more than 300 years to become perfect and taken into heaven. Alma suffered immensely for 3 days till he was converted fully to the gospel. That is just how we are too. Time is the key with hope in our Savior. I love this mission, it has been hard, and I'm glad it has. I hope I am becoming the instrument He needs me to be and I am forever grateful for the help of God to let me see His children as He would and not how they simply seem.

 I love you all and am glad you are well. I have no doubts of that.

 Elder McGinn

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