Thursday, April 5, 2012

Email & Pictures - March 31, 2012

I'm glad all is well. I think I always say that, but all is well always, those are the blessings from serving. It's funny, Mase was speaking of waking up feeling like a badger cause that is my companion's favorite word, haha. You smell like a BADGER, or Oh Badgers, etc. I hope you are all enjoying the conference, we are trying to write in between sessions, so here you go short, sweet and savory.

First off THANK YOU for the package. You know a mother loves you when you forget to mention your favorite candy (Cadbury eggs and jelly beans) and they end up in the package! Doing Transfers this morning I shared Cadbury eggs with the 'Gringos' and they were all very happy. I got to open it one week before, and thanks for the Note to Self Cam, haha.

Let me explain the pictures, well there isn't much to explain. Guillermo got baptized! It was a wonderful ordinance and we are teaching his mother and brother, his brother has baptism plans in this month. Hopefully we should have a few baptisms on my birthday… that depends on attendance tomorrow. The other pictures are from a trip we took with President up to Bahía to watch a beautiful sunset and then another in my home town Manta, beautiful right? And well... my bed head picture in flip flops with Houses of Caña in the back is from our morning stroll we decided to take in the cool little ocean city.

This week was full of travels, we hardly were in our own sector, but what a great week it has been. I have come so close to the Lord in this week as I truly find my weaknesses and try to sanctify my last 3 months out here in the country. I really hate that. This mission is the best thing that has happened to me, it has changed my perspective on life and therefore has changed my eternity. I have come to know the Lord and will give it till He says okay. I know this is a short letter, but as I conclude I want to share a great principle that has blessed me greatly this week.

Don't Regret, Simply Repent and Forget

We are progressing. We will find disappointment and things we wish we would have done or known, yet we cannot change the past. What we can change is the future. We didn't know any better or act any better but from there on out we can. We are progressing and progress is eternal. Thanks to Alma 42:4 we know how to fill our time on earth with things that will secure a heavenly home with many loved ones - Repent and Serve God. We serve God by being His instruments in helping His Children remember they are important, talented, and needed here in His Plan.

I love you so much.

Elder McGinn

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