Monday, April 23, 2012

Email & Pictures - April 14, 2012

Well... (I did it again) we had a bad luck experience for Friday the 13th. First off, to let you know about our exotic week a little better. Last week for my birthday, the other elders snuck an iguana in our room and put it under our bed, we didn't see if at first, but when we did... that thing was HUGE! It was crazy trying to get that out. So yesterday, Friday the 13th, we woke up and heard scratching up on the roof and we thought it was a rat up in the ceiling tiles. We hit a few tiles to rile it up and scare it off and we got down to pray. We prayed, then I finished my personal prayer and went to iron our shirts as Elder Hancey finished up his prayer. As he was praying, the ceiling tile broke through, and the nastiest looking dove that had been up in the ceiling for who knows how long was sitting there just as bewildered as we were! A bird fell through our ceiling onto my study desk! Elder Hancey jumped up startled and the bird was too, it pooped on my desk. Here's a picture of the critter. Happy Friday the 13th.

 Eliana DID get baptized! It was a beautiful meeting and she truly has exercised faith in the conversion. She has been coming to YAS activities even when it is just her and the president... and she is helping us teach the rest of her family. She was a chosen of God and will be such a great help to the kingdom. Sandra on the other hand, passed the interview with a few goals to work on and is preparing to be baptized next week!

 I don’t have many cool things to share cause we have been in zone conferences all week and next week we are going outside of Guayaquil to do the same. Next week will be pure travels and interchanges with the zone leaders from outside zones.

Before I finish, I want to share a scripture that impacted me. Alma 7:13. Elder Enciso had transfers and is now in the office, I was with him in Mapasingue. It is SUCH a blessing having him back, I truly love that man. He asked me a question in regards to this scripture, 'If the Spirit knows all things, why is it that Christ came down to suffer for us? He already knew how to help us...' I pulled out a few scriptures to help answer his question and as I went back to study the verse I gained a stronger testimony and appreciation of the Atonement of Christ. Though the Spirit knows all things, He still came down, I like that THOUGH, NEVERTHELESS, IN SPITE OF. He truly loves us, He wants us to know that there IS someone who truly knows how they feel. I was also touched about Him taking upon himself our SINS to erase our TRANSGRESIONS. Christ came down from His place on high so we could trust more in Him and come to Him anytime. He took upon himself all of our sins, each and every one. He will erase our transgressions. What we simply can't get rid of, remember, or erase (2 Nephi 25:23) as long as we simply try (Hel. 5:11) He has a power in redemption, we simply need to repent. He loves us so much.

 I testify that Jesus is my Savior, He is yours. He is our Redeemer and wants us to trust completely in Him. As we read the scriptures, our testimony of Him will grow. As we Repent daily, we will become more humble and more like Him. Then, as Moroni promised, we will be able to see Him as He is, for we shall be like Him. I love my Savior, this work is perfect. My Savior needs me, but I need Him more. We can't do this work alone and He never will leave us alone.

 I love you all and hope Friday the 13th went better for you than for me!

 Elder McGinn

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