Friday, July 16, 2010

Email - July 16, 2010

Hello All! What a week.

Alright all... so I still don't know much and I'm sorry and I left my travel itinerary back at my room. Peru is coming quickly, it's this Wednesday at 6am I meet at the travel office. We fly from SLC to Georgia and from Georgia to Peru! I think they bought round trip tickets too cause we go from Peru to Georgia on Aug 31st. Anyway... our flight FROM SLC is around 8ish if I remember right and I'll just have to keep you posted. I forgot my itinerary that has my schedule of flying, but hopefully I'll work something out where I can let you know. I'll be in Peru's MTC by Wednesday night, sometime around 10 or 11 pm. It's me, my companion, the two elders I got to know from West Jordan and Mtn. View, and their companions! I purchased two small Books of Mormon to try to hand out on our plane trips! It is so freaky, exciting, nerve racking, pant wetting, ha ha, I am a whole wreck of emotions right now. I'll let you know asap any other info I find out, I may be writing a letter with the info that I get later today.

I think I covered that... this is a spacy letter, but people keep coming in and out and bugging me and time is ticking, so I'm trying to get it all in quickly! I'll figure out a way to send pictures, you can't from the computers, I just tried it, but that's okay. Mom - I may be interested in becoming a doctor. I had a cyst on the back of my leg and it got so bad and nasty and black and purple, so I took the dirty to it and popped it. It bled and squirted EVERYWHERE! But after getting it all out, 40 days and 40 nights of popping haha, I've been tending it and it looks great!

This week has been full of many ups and many hard downs. I have given two priesthood blessings this week. It is so cool giving blessings and being someone to trust in - be the kind of person where people feel comfortable talking to you free from judgment! Be someone to listen, be someone to come to, and be in tune with the spirit, for in giving blessings and simply listening you truly feel the Lord's concern for each and every one of his children! Oh I love the priesthood and being worthy when I'm needed! 5/10 elders in our district are sick, if I make it out of this alive I can stand anything in Ecuador! Ha ha, it's awful. The Spanish is coming along, it is discouraging at times, but a blast at others. We have a native Peruvian teacher who speaks simply Spanish to us and I can feel the Lord working in me even though I know nothing!

I want to say so much, but I have a minute!!! I'll write soon about Peru. The spanish is okay, but a blast. I'm nervous for Peru, but know that as I trust in the Lord, this is the perfect place to learn the language. It will push me, but so did hurdles and what a blast those were. I love you all so much and need the support you constantly give me! The Lord is there every step of the way if you just slow down and take note of it. he loves me so much, oh man. Well I love you all and will hear from you hopefully soon! Whether in SLC, GA or Peru, I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

Elder McGinn

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