Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"Sasquatch meets Ewoks" - Email July 27, 2010

Hey Fam! I did get the Green River Picture, thanks so much! That was really pretty and I'm sure you all had a blast.

I love this work so much! So... here comes a tidal wave of info all scattered abroad! They have an ASTROTURF SOCCER FIELD here and I love it! I play every day and all the little latinos were amazed when I played goalie and not only had some nice saves, but could chuck the ball full field! haha all of their eyes popped up huge as I caught a kick and tossed it the full length of the field to a team mate! I really am Sasquatch in these parts.

The food is 'mas o menos' (more or less) good. Some days I love it, others not so much, but boy do they have good juices! TONS of rice, always juice, and really good bread! Good thing they make you take only 2 or I'd become a round mound of rebound! Oh and strange... I was excited cause I saw cheesecake, turns out the topping was raisins! Interesno... haha. The next few days here are nationally important to Peru and so we had a HUGE buffet today. I've got a picture and found out how to send them, so you'll get a barrage of photos here.

My room is such a blast, we pull pranks on each other and laugh our heads off, even though neither of us know what the others are talking about! They are SUCH a blast and I will have lasting friendships here, what a fun time I've had. EVERYTHING is Spanish here and it is so hard at times, but so worth it! I'm starting to pick up on my companion's accent, but still have a hard time expressing myself. It is frustrating teaching cause you want to express your full heart as I can in English, but there's that language barrier. I then had a humbling experience as I stopped and thought 'you spoke NO Spanish before the mission except for food items at Betos, and look at what you can do now! With simply 4 weeks of Spanish I can say prayers, bear testimony, and carry on a decent conversation, what a miracle the Lord has done for me! The gift of tongues is real, I just need to realize that it doesn't come all in one package, the gift of tongues (as with most things in the Lord's timing) are 'poco a poco' little by little. What a joy that has been for me to look at where I've come, not where I'm going.

Everyone here is so nice, I have lasting friendships throughout the MTC! I'm 'elder espaƱol' to one elder cause every day he asks me how my Spanish is coming. He is 'elder english'. One of them really does look like an Ewok, I'll have to get a picture and send it to you all! That's the reason for my title, anyway... the people here have such kind hearts and I don't want to be anywhere else right now. I feel such a love from their kindness, their patience, and their simply genuine care. What a blessing! Oh and ask Ryan McGinn if he knows an Elder Rodgers who ran cross country, he had an SVU shirt on and I asked him about it and he knows him real well and absolutely loves him!

OH HAHAHA back to 'Elder English'... the other night he was taught the song "God be with you till we meet again' and I was laughing so hard as he bumbled around the MTC singing 'Till Me Weet' I haven't laughed so hard in a while!

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