Friday, July 2, 2010

Griffin's First Email

We were excited to receive an unexpected email from Griffin on his first day in the MTC.

Hello all, the MTC is great! It's so fast and so sporadic, but I know I'm in the right place! (or so they say......) My companion is great, his name is Elder Hall from Blanding, Utah, has a deep voice and reminds me of Scott Curtis. I've seen Dane, Travis, Toby (he's still waiting for visa's to Mexico and has been in awhile), Blake Jones, Lone Peak's Hurdler, Ashley's cousin, and so many others! My companion was getting sick of all the people I knew haha. The food is great and in bulk, but quantity IS quality! I'm on the top floor and on my top bunk, kind of crazy - each of the other elders in our room have a strange connection with me. One broke is neck playing football (in practice though haha, he thought it was lame too) and the other speaks German like me! Anyway... this place sure is great! I absolutely love it here. My companion asked me if I was nervous and I'm really not! I feel so happy, can't help but smile, cause I'm involved in such a great work, I have the Lord's help with friends on my left and right. When I feel incompetent, I shouldn't worry, cause I'm here! I'm in the MTC, the Lord trusts me enough to keep me here! We did some role playing tonight with 3 different 'investigators' and on the last one my companion and I were pulled aside before it began and he said 'I hope you're ready for this!' He asked us to do the role playing, we were the missionaries asking the questions, playing the part, and following the Spirit on the spot! It was scary, and I was mad (not really) at a kid that took the mic from us (it was open for the 30 others to help out and comment) but I had so much to say about the 8th Article of Faith and Joseph Smith's story, vision, and restoration! The Spirit is there for those who try in faith! Oh and ask Allie... my branch president is Pres. Shumway and that sounded really familiar. I think she cuts his hair. They told us to keep it brief and I think they are going to show us the spanish software and around the place, but I'm in the right place! I hope you all are doing well. I love you all and couldn't be happier cause I'm a missionary and have the protection of the Lord in the field and upon loved ones abroad. Oh, and my P Day is Friday.... this week it's Saturday, but the real deal is on Fridays. That's when you'll hear from me while I'm here! The best way through life is to smile, it creates friendships and a place of comfort for you and those around you! I want to keep typing, I'm so happy and thrilled, but I've got to go!

I love you all so much and my prayers are with you!
Elder McGinn

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